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Multi-Targeting Fc-Fusion Proteins to Accelerate Clinical Development through GI-SMART Technologies


The identification of proteins and their stable production cell line construction (CLD) that ensures developability are crucial points to quickly reach clinical phase 1. To achieve this, GI Innovation, Inc. developed the CHOZN platform with flexible protein quality adjustment with stable productivity.

However, the CLD for multi-specific Fc-fusion proteins is revealing more developmental challenges than single-targeting antibodies, such as reduced target protein expression and decreased yield of single protein yield because of its structural stability. In this presentation, GI Innovation, Inc. will share its SMART-Selex and SMART-cLego technologies for overcoming these complex hurdles.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • SMART-CLD: Enhanced Cell Line Development Method
  • SMART-Selex: Optimal multi-specific protein modeling through AI-assisted structural library
  • SMART-cLego: Efficient and fast generation of expression vectors for structural variants of multi-specific protein


Dr. Young Min Oh

Dr. Young Min Oh

GI Innovation

Managing Director

Since 2017, Dr. Young Min has worked for GI Innovation, Inc. as the head of SMART division and co-founder. His main activity is the construction of SMART platform technology, which is comprised of the screening & selection method for an "easy-to-express protein" structure with the therapeutic function of a target disease and its stable high-production cell line development. He holds a doctorate degree in immunology from POSTECH, South Korea, where he concentrated on the comparative genomics and systems biology interpretation of transcriptional regulatory network during inflammation.

Hojae Lee

Hojae Lee


Technical Application Consultant

Hojae joined MilliporeSigma in 2009 as a marketing manager. Since 2018, he has been a technical application consultant with a focus on the USP business. He has experience in many techniques, including animal cell culture, bacteria fermentation, protein purification, and GMP management. He holds an M.S. in biotech engineering from Ajou University in South Korea.

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