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ADC Production - A Journey Made Safer and Faster


The development of an ADC is a long journey that can be sped up with the adoption of proper manufacturing tools and new linker-payload solutions. Single-use equipment applied to the GMP manufacturing of ADC means operator safety, decreased risk of contamination, scalability, reproducibility, flexibility, small footprint, lower cost, and saved time through efficiency (easy setup and cleanup, no need for cleaning validation). The adoption of payload intermediates such as DolCore™ and MayCore™ can speed your development project up, while innovative linkers like ChetoSensar™ increase its chances of success. This webinar explains how these technologies improve the ADC production process end-to-end, ultimately enhancing patient safety.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How single-use helps to simplify ADC manufacturing
  • The safety and integrity of the complete process
  • The flexibility and adaptability to changing needs
  • How to speed up the synthesis of high-potent payloads and improve the bioavailability of the ADC


Ashok Kumar

Ashok Kumar


Head of Single-Use and Integrated Systems, India

Ashok Kumar leads the single-use and integrated systems team for India and has been with the company for 11 years. His areas of expertise include single-use and integrated systems processing. He is also responsible for customer training in India and Singapore. Prior to joining our company, Ashok was a process engineer at Sartorius Stedim India, where he was responsible for all custom-engineered fermentation systems. Ashok has an M.S. in biotechnology and an M.S. degree in operations and marketing management.

Giuseppe Camporeale, Ph.D.

Giuseppe Camporeale, Ph.D.


Global Field Marketing Manager Actives

Giuseppe Camporeale holds an M.S. in biotechnology and a Ph.D. in chemistry, both from the University of Bari (Italy). He joined the company 5 years ago. He’s worked as a technical service specialist for the full process solution portfolio of chemicals, and as field marketing specialist for the Actives & Formulation (A&F) franchise. In these roles, Giuseppe has supported the A&F business in Europe and Asia, advising our customers on quality, regulatory compliance, and performance of our chemicals and services for pharmaceutical manufacturing and formulation.

Webinar Information

Pharma and biopharma manufacturing

  • Antibody drug conjugate manufacturing
  • Duration:1hr 30m

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented November 30, 2021

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