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Enzyme Explorer Library: Navigation and Application


Session 1

Date: May 18, 2015
Duration: 37min

Session 2

Presented: May 19, 2015
Duration: 32min


Originally launched in 2001, Enzyme Explorer was our first web-based tool developed to provide customers with online technical resources to aid in their research and manufacturing applications. Since that time, our scientists and curators have continually added content and new functionality.

One example of the tools available is the Enzyme Explorer’s Assay Library. It features over 600 detailed procedures for measuring enzyme activity and related metabolites. The Library is the result of over ten years of in-house process development by our scientists. In addition, we have upgraded the classical Nicholson Metabolic Pathway Chart.

Now all metabolites, enzymes, and selected pathways are searchable and interactive. The Enzyme Explorer also provides easy access to the most extensive line of enzyme, proteins, substrate, inhibitor, and cofactor-related products in the industry. This webinar will give an overview of all the tools and content available and help users navigate to the content they need.


Robert Gates

Robert Gates


Market Segment Manager, Protein Technologies and Assays

Gates joined MilliporeSigma in 1979 and has been a Market Segment Manager for more than 15 years. As a manager, he has identified and commercialized more than 500 internally produced and OEM new products. Prior to that, he was involved with our R&D and was in charge of production of blood proteins, electrophoresis and affinity chromatography product lines. He was also responsible for the production of over 100 enzymes from various sources early in his career. He earned his Masters degree in chemistry from the Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 1983.

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