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Client Case Study: How an Optimized Purification Platform Can Speed mAbs Clinical Production


Getting your antibody to clinical trials faster while being able to build a robust, scalable, and high-yielding process is a challenge many biotech companies face. By outsourcing to a CTDMO, you can benefit from an optimized platform process. In this webinar, we will showcase our purification development platform, including an MMC (mixed-mode chromatography) step and how it allowed our client Igyxos Biotherapeutics to simplify and accelerate their clinical trial supply while achieving high-quality material.

In this webinar, you will learn how a process platform can help:

  • Accelerate your development journey
  • Facilitate transfer and scale-up to production
  • Gain knowledge on the molecule


Marie Cecille

Marie Cecille


Technical Leader

Marie Cecille has a master’s degree in biotechnology and bioengineering. After spending a few years as a consultant on the management of products and processes within the pharmaceutical industry, she joined MilliporeSigma in 2021 as a technical leader. Since then, she has actively helped CTDMO customers to succeed in the technical strategy of their clinical projects, including process and analytical development, GMP activities, tech transfer, and CMC compliance.

Thierry Ziegler

Thierry Ziegler


Chief Operation Officer

Thierry Ziegler joined Igyxos in February 2021 as Chief Operating Officer. He is in charge of the coordination of the company’s IGX12 mAb CMC development from cell line generation to IMP manufacturing.

During his career at Serono Healthcare, Sanofi, and Cellectis, Thierry was responsible for managing the development and production of multiple monoclonal antibodies as well as many other types of biologics modalities ranging from recombinant proteins to CAR-T cells. He is familiar with the CMC and regulatory aspects of Biologics from clinical development to life cycle management.

Thierry is a bioprocess engineer and obtained his Ph.D. at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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