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Integrated Approach to Support ADC Programs From Concept to Clinical Material


As the ADC industry moves forward, we need to look at the development and manufacturing process from an end-to-end perspective. How does every stage fit together to make the final ADC, instead of segmenting the process into mAb production separate from drug-linker manufacturing, apart from the conjugation?

Our integrated approach can help you interrogate raw materials early on, so you pick the ones that make the best ADC, not just the most material.

As a result, we can provide seamless characterization from the mAb raw material to the final ADC construct.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • About the impact of raw material characterization on conjugation chemistry
  • Examples where incomplete characterization delayed timelines
  • The importance of an integrated offering from early development through manufacturing


Daniel Galbraith, Ph.D.

Daniel Galbraith, Ph.D.


Head of Product Characterization Strategy

Daniel (Danny) Galbraith is head of product characterization strategy and is responsible for both strategy development and R&D growth focused on the BioReliance® services portfolio. He started his career in the contract research market in 1996 after five years in academic post-doctoral research. After nearly ten years of working with vaccines, regulations, and biologics, Daniel founded a company focused on the development of novel assay technologies to better understand new drugs. He holds a BSc in Microbiology from the University of Glasgow, an MSc in Forensic Science from the University of Strathclyde , and a Ph.D. in immunological and molecular biology studies at the University of Abertay.

Omar Lamm

Omar Lamm


Global Head of Analytical Services and Development

Omar Lamm is currently the global head of analytical services and development within our process solution services area of the business. He is responsible for commercial and operational aspects of product characterization and analytical development for various modalities. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he has 20 years of experience supporting contract biopharmaceutical product development both in the lab focusing on mass spectrometry and full-scale analytical development programs and in the field supporting clients.

Jeffery Carroll

Jeffery Carroll


Senior Scientist, Team Lead ADC Express, Process and Analytical Development

Jeffery (Jeff) Carroll has been with MilliporeSigma for more than seven years and is currently the team leader for ADC Express in process and analytical development for bio-conjugation/bio-organic contract manufacturing. He is an expert synthetic chemist and a champion for utilizing new linker chemistries to accelerate early ADC development. Jeff previously worked at Monsanto Co. and Pfizer Inc., specializing in small molecule synthesis for herbicides and pharmaceuticals which is showcased in 11 publications and 12 patents to date.

Jeff has a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Illinois-Champaign, Champaign, IL, and an M.S. in organic synthesis from Rice University, Houston, TX with his thesis on perfluoro-cholesterol analogs as a treatment for familial hypercholesterolemia.

Webinar Information

Pharma and biopharma manufacturing

  • Antibody drug conjugate manufacturing
  • Duration:52min

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented March 25, 2021

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