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Introducing our Novel Sf9 Rhabdovirus-negative (Sf-RVN®) Platform


The Baculovirus Expression Vector System (BEVS) is a powerful eucaryotic vector system, and Spodoptera frugiperda (Sf) cell lines are widely used as hosts for BEVS. However, the majority of Sf9 and Sf21 cell lines contain a Sf-rhabdovirus which is considered a process contaminant and must be eliminated during the process. To improve the safety profile of the BEVS production method, we offer an Sf9 rhabdovirus-negative (Sf-RVN®) cell line with a companion chemically-defined medium. Combined, they form the Sf-RVN® Platform which provides a performant rhabdovirus-free BEVS alternative to produce recombinant protein, VLP, and AAV and enhances risk mitigation.

This webinar includes:

  • an introduction to insect cell expression systems
  • an overview of the Sf-RVN® Platform benefits
  • a performance of the Sf-RVN® Platform for the production of recombinant proteins and AAV.


Charlotte Javalet, Ph.D.

Charlotte Javalet, Ph.D.


Product Manager

Charlotte graduated from the Grenoble Alpes University (UGA) with a BSc. and MSc. in molecular and cellular biology as well as a Ph.D. in neurobiology. She also has a professional certification in the management of health and biotechnology industries from the ESTBB Biotechnology School in Lyon. In her current role, she drives the development of differentiated and integrated solutions comprised of cell lines and cell culture media for vaccines and cell gene therapy applications.

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