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Adaptive Learning Course: Rapid Point of Care Test Development



The long path to developing a new in vitro diagnostic need not be rocky. Take this exciting adaptive learning program for an in-depth journey through the development and manufacture of a lateral flow test, incorporating raw materials, research, and development considerations plus machinery. Along the way, you’ll learn about technical challenges, future technologies, regulatory issues, and market trends from industry leaders.

Key topics include:

  • Design Considerations for Lateral Flow Test Strips
  • Reagent Chemistries and Labels of Choice for Rapid Point of Care
  • Increasing Sensitivity in Rapid Point of Care Tests
  • Interfering Antibody Blockers
  • Selecting Pad Materials
  • Use of Dyed and Fluorescent Estapor® Microspheres
  • Blocking Agents and Stabilizers for Rapid POC Tests
  • Antibody Selection for POC Testing


Michael Mansfield, Ph.D.

Michael Mansfield, Ph.D.


Applications Development Scientist

Dr. Mansfield is in his 32nd year at MilliporeSigma in Bedford, Massachusetts, and is currently an Applications Development Scientist in the Biosystems and Regulated Materials R&D Group. His initial work focused on interactions of biomolecules with membrane surfaces for western, Southern, and northern blotting. That was followed by work on sample processing and concentration of protein solutions using centrifugal filtration devices. For the past 20 years, he has been working on the utilization of membranes and other porous materials in immunodiagnostic tests and medical devices.

Webinar Information

Clinical testing and diagnostics manufacturing

  • IVD manufacturing
  • Duration:

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented May 9, 2022

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