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Releasing Your AAV Therapy with Confidence


Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors possess a number of advantages for use in human therapy, including high titer preparations, low immunogenicity, capacity to infect a wide range of cell types, and replication deficiency. Even with these advantages, there are biosafety concerns to consider when using AAV vectors.

This webinar will discuss key regulatory considerations across the manufacturing process, from the helper/packaging plasmids through to lot release testing. We will highlight critical assays that are required and delve into specifics on replication-competent AAV testing and infectious titer determination by TCID50.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical biosafety considerations for AAV vectors based on the latest regulatory guidance
  • How replication-competent AAV testing fits into your bulk and final release testing package
  • The benefits of routine and platform assays over custom assay development


Steven McDade

Steven McDade


Associate Director, Sales Development, APAC

Steven McDade is associate director of sales development APAC, responsible for supporting customers on virus clearance capabilities, providing technical and regulatory support. Steven has worked in the biosafety testing field for more than 23 years, 17 with BioReliance® Contract Testing Services. He has worked a variety of roles including technical sales manager APAC, business development manager for clearance services, EMEA & Asia, and senior technical specialist for Cell & Gene Therapy portfolio. Steven graduated with a BSc (Hons) in microbiology from Glasgow University in 1999. 

Alfonso Lavorgna, Ph.D.

Alfonso Lavorgna, Ph.D.


Operations Manager, Virology Services

Alfonso Lavorgna has worked in the biosafety testing field for 6 years focused on the BioReliance® service portfolio. During this time, Alfonso has worked as a scientist overseeing development and validation of a wide variety of safety testing required to manufacture clinical and commercial products. In his current role as Operations Manager, Alfonso oversees the daily management of a wide variety of assays or tests required to characterize product or material safety. Alfonso earned his M.S. in medical biotechnology from the University of Naples in 2005 as well as a Ph.D. in viral oncology in 2009.

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