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Smart Bioprocess Data Management for Statistical Process Control and Advanced Analytics


End-to-end knowledge management is required during the life cycle of biopharmaceutical processes from development to manufacturing (QbD, PAT, CPV). In Bioprocessing 4.0, the wide range of data is important for scientific understanding, and speeding up data acquisition to analysis and control is essential, the real-time monitoring and smart data management are expected to push boundaries and unlock unprecedented possibilities to transform drug manufacturing.

In this presentation, we highlight the current challenges of bioprocessing data utilization and introduce the solution by demonstrating the benefits of Bio4C™ ProcessPad and real-time monitoring of the ProCellics™ Raman analyzer.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to approach for end-to-end data management around QbD to CPV
  • How to benefit from real-time monitoring for quality/process attributes and advanced control
  • Advanced statistical analytics – process/raw material identification and outlier detection


Takao Ito, Ph.D.

Takao Ito, Ph.D.


Principal Consultant, Asia Pacific Global BioPharm CoE

Takao Ito is our principal consultant, focused on biopharmaceutical processing. He has worked in the area of bioprocess engineering for more than 20 years. He currently focuses on process development, scale-up, and trouble-shooting for upstream/downstream applications. As a thought leader in the field, he is a frequent conference presenter, session chair, and conference organizer. Takao Ito has an M.S. in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

Hemant Garg

Hemant Garg


Bio4C™ ProcessPad Product Manager

Hemant Garg is on a digital mission to help the biopharmaceutical industry grow and evolve in a data-driven world. Trained as a business analytics biotechnology engineer, he has 13 years of professional experience working across multiple roles within biopharma manufacturing. Hemant’s expertise in industry research, long-term forecasting, data analytics, and process modeling enables him to identify and capitalize on unmet market needs. As product manager analytics in integrated solution marketing, Hemant leads the strategy and launch of digital and analytics products for biopharmaceutical customers.

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