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Substitution of Hazardous Substances


Substitution is the essential starting point in every risk assessment and is at the top of the Hierarchy of Control ‘STOP’ measures. Using safer alternatives in the lab reduces risk and minimizes exposure to hazardous materials. In particular, carcinogens and mutagens should be avoided.

Take a deep dive into identifying hazardous substances, risk assessment, how mistakes can be avoided, and what to do if no substitution is possible. Learn how to conduct a legally compliant substitution check using real substances as examples.

  • Learn about risk control measures – from the most reliable and effective level of protection to the least
  • Get to know the advantages and limitations of substitution
  • Find out how to use tools like GHS Column Model and Vapor Hazard Ratio
  • Understand what the term “regrettable substitution” means.


Dr. Birgit Stöffler

Dr. Birgit Stöffler


Safety Specialist

Dr. Birgit Stöffler studied chemistry and graduated with a Ph.D. She then worked as a scientific assistant at MilliporeSigma. Since qualifying as a safety engineer, she has worked in the occupational safety department at MilliporeSigma for over 20 years. She became a certified BG RCI trainer in 2010 and has been an expert in the Committee on Hazardous Substances since 2015. Since 2018, she has held a lectureship at Darmstadt Technical University and teaches students how to prepare a risk assessment for activities involving hazardous substances. She passes on her decades of expert knowledge in the form of books, journal articles, oral presentations, podcast episodes, and LinkedIn posts.

Webinar Information

Analytical chemistry

  • Calibration, qualification, and validation
  • Duration:1h

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented November 29, 2022

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  • Session 2:presented November 29, 2022

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