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SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software for Practicing Chemists


This webinar describes the technology behind SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software, followed by a live demonstration. This computer-aided synthesis tool quickly identifies viable routes to synthetic targets from commercially available or known starting materials. See how SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software has become a strategic partner for chemists at the bench and can help you work more efficiently by simplifying your discovery of or optimizing existing routes to novel pathways.

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Emma Gardener

Emma Gardener


Ph.D. Technical Application Scientist

Gardener is responsible for the commercial licensing of Synthia™, the revolutionary retrosynthetic design software. She received her Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Brown University under Professor Jason Sello where she worked on developing new methodology for synthesizing antibacterial peptide natural products. Prior to joining MilliporeSigma in 2018, Gardener was a senior scientist at Vitae Industries, a pharmaceutical technologies start-up in Providence RI.

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