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Hello there.,
If you work to develop and manufacture in vitro diagnostic tests, then come and hang out with us @The Lab Bench. Enjoy informal discussions with bench scientists on topics related to diagnostic test development.

New videos in this series will be released monthly.

Planned topics will take a deep dive into molecular diagnostics assays and their components. Specific sessions will cover enzyme selection, master mixes, primer/probe design, and assay multiplexing. Topics covered in each session include assay development, design, optimization, best practices, tips and tricks, and troubleshooting. You can watch the full discussion or just a particular section.

The video has a time-stamped table of contents so you can jump right to a specific question of interest. You can also follow up on further questions and details by contacting one of our diagnostic assay scientists.

So, pick a topic and have a seat @The Lab Bench.


Matthew Coussens

Matthew Coussens


Ph.D., Product Training Manager

Matthew is the global product training manager for hcompany Diagnostic and Regulated Materials Division. For the last 12 years, he has created and run hands-on wet lab workshops, conferences, webinars, and internal training programs on a wide range of life science technologies. He holds degrees from Michigan State University (Zoology, BSc.) and the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Cell and Molecular Biology, PhD).

Webinar Information

Clinical testing and diagnostics manufacturing

  • IVD manufacturing
  • Duration:1 hr/episode

  • Language:English

  • Session 1:presented July 20, 2022

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