Filters for Food & Beverage Production

With a focus on consumer safety, the quality control of food and beverage processes is maintained through stringent international standards. From initial clarification to final filters designed to minimize bioburden, our food and beverage filters offer many time-tested options to help ensure your product is safe from microbes and other contaminants which might compromise flavor, consistency, or safety.

Filter selection relies on the retention needs for your entire filtration process. To guarantee microbial retention, a final membrane filter must be used. Ideally you should select your final filter, and then your clarifying and/or prefilters. Working this way provides you with the best combination of retention and capacity.

All our recommended filters for aqueous food and beverage production meet the FDA and EU framework regulation 1935/22004/EC requirements for food contact. Our filters are fully scalable from lab-scale process development tools to production scale, providing flexibility for your specific process needs.


Bioburden and unwanted particles can affect product quality and plug your costly membrane filters, reducing their service life. Clarification and prefiltration with our Polygard® and Clarigard® filters remove contaminants such as particulates, colloids, and bioburden early in the process, extending the life of your final filters. Our Bevigard™ cartridge filters offer similar benefits and can be repeatedly regenerated with hot water, providing highly cost-effective filtration.

Final filtration

Our final membrane filters for beverage processing help ensure the removal of particles and microorganisms. Final membrane filters are used to eliminate 99%–100% of undesirable microbial bioburden and provide 1–2 log reduction. Our Brewpore® and Vitipore® filters contain our trusted hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane and are available in multiple pore sizes – offering consistent, reliable bioburden reduction and particle removal.


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