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Hidesuke Fukazawa et al.
Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin, 42(3), 411-416 (2019-03-05)
Many bacteria encode tyrosine kinases that are structurally unrelated to their eukaryotic counterparts and are termed BY-kinases. Two BY-kinases, CapB1 and CapB2, have been identified in the Staphylococcus aureus genome. Although CapB1 and CapB2 share more than 70% homology, earlier
Yu Zheng et al.
Molecular and cellular biology, 30(17), 4280-4292 (2010-07-08)
Protein tyrosine kinase 6 (PTK6) is a nonmyristoylated Src-related intracellular tyrosine kinase. Although not expressed in the normal mammary gland, PTK6 is expressed in a majority of human breast tumors examined, and it has been linked to ErbB receptor signaling
Paola Pontrelli et al.
Kidney international, 65(6), 2249-2261 (2004-05-20)
Interstitial activation of the coagulation cascade is a common finding in acute and chronic tubulointerstitial damage. We previously demonstrated that thrombin may induce proximal tubular epithelial cells (PTEC) proliferation and regulate, through plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI)-1 and urokinase-type plasminogen activator
A W Gross et al.
Oncogene, 19(54), 6286-6296 (2001-02-15)
The Bcr-Abl/p210 fusion protein plays a primary role in the pathogenesis of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). Abelson murine leukemia virus, which encodes v-Abl/p160, induces a pre-B cell leukemia/lymphoma in mice. It has been unclear whether the apparent specificity of these
Won Kon Kim et al.
Molecular biology of the cell, 22(24), 4883-4891 (2011-10-15)
Adipocyte differentiation can be regulated by the combined activity of protein tyrosine kinases (PTKs) and protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs). In particular, PTPs act as key regulators in differentiation-associated signaling pathways. We recently found that receptor-type PTPμ (RPTPμ) expression is markedly
B Li et al.
British journal of pharmacology, 154(1), 191-203 (2008-03-04)
Stimulation of astrocytes by the alpha(2)-adrenoceptor agonist dexmedetomidine, a neuroprotective drug, transactivates epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptors. The present study investigates signal pathways leading to release of an EGF receptor ligand and those activated during EGF receptor stimulation, and the
Meghna U Naik et al.
Blood, 102(10), 3629-3636 (2003-07-26)
Platelet spreading on the subendothelium in response to vascular injury is fundamental to the regulation of physiologic hemostasis. Previously, we have shown that, when bound to glycoprotein IIb (GPIIb), calcium- and integrin-binding protein (CIB) regulates platelet spreading on immobilized fibrinogen
B Mixan et al.
Oncogene, 16(9), 1209-1215 (1998-04-07)
Betacellulin (BTC) is a member of the EGF ligand family that directly binds to both EGFR and HER4 and induces the growth of certain epithelial cell types. Fusion proteins composed of the terminal 48 or 50 amino acids of mature
Yoichiro Fujioka et al.
Nature communications, 4, 2763-2763 (2014-01-18)
Various viruses enter host cells via endocytosis, but the molecular mechanisms underlying the specific internalization pathways remain unclear. Here we show that influenza A viruses (IAVs) enter cells via redundant pathways of clathrin-mediated and clathrin-independent endocytosis, with intracellular Ca(2+) having
Eunok Im et al.
The EMBO journal, 25(10), 2075-2082 (2006-04-22)
Angiogenesis is a coordinated sequence of cellular responses that result in the outgrowth of new blood vessels. The angiogenic program is regulated by extracellular factors, whose input is integrated at least in part at the level of signal transduction pathways
Anabel Martínez Báez et al.
Current issues in molecular biology, 45(3), 2296-2308 (2023-03-29)
Insulin signaling plays an important role in the development and progression of cancer since it is involved in proliferation and migration processes. It has been shown that the A isoform of the insulin receptor (IR-A) is often overexpressed, and its
X Han et al.
Oncogene, 20(55), 7976-7986 (2001-12-26)
Cytokines can influence the interactions between members of the integrin cell adhesion receptor family and the extracellular matrix thereby potentially affecting cell function and promoting cell adhesion, growth and migration of malignant astrocytoma tumor cells. As malignant astrocytoma cells synthesize
Liuliang Qin et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 281(43), 32550-32558 (2006-08-08)
Vascular endothelial cell growth factor-A(165) (VEGF-A(165)) is critical for angiogenesis. Although protein kinase C-mediated protein kinase D(PKD)activation was implicated in the response, the detailed mechanism remains unclear. In this study, we found that VEGF-A(165)-stimulated tyrosine phosphorylation of PKD and the
Sandhya Kumari et al.
Reproductive sciences (Thousand Oaks, Calif.), 28(5), 1316-1332 (2020-11-26)
In this study, we aimed to explore the beneficial properties of novel quinoline derivatives on human sperm motility and its functional competence. Nine novel quinoline derivatives were screened for their effect on motility in human spermatozoa from normozoospermic ejaculates. Compounds
Maheswaran Mani et al.
Blood, 114(14), 2900-2908 (2009-08-01)
The pleiotropic receptor tyrosine kinase Kit can provide cytoskeletal signals that define cell shape, positioning, and migration, but the underlying mechanisms are less well understood. In this study, we provide evidence that Kit signals through Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP), the
Wei Cheng et al.
Carcinogenesis, 29(7), 1319-1326 (2008-04-17)
Glypican-3 (gpc3) is the gene responsible for Simpson-Golabi-Behmel overgrowth syndrome. Previously, we have shown that GPC3 is overexpressed in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In this study, we demonstrated the mechanisms for GPC3-mediated oncogenesis. Firstly, GPC3 overexpression in NIH3T3 cells gave to
J R Glenney et al.
Journal of immunological methods, 109(2), 277-285 (1988-05-09)
Phosphotyrosine coupled to KLH, BSA, and OVA was used for the production and screening of antibodies to phosphotyrosine. 800 hybridomas secreting antibodies that bound to phosphotyrosine were detected by ELISA. The most reactive 100 of these 800 were tested subsequently
Yeon-Jeong Kim et al.
Science signaling, 5(251), ra85-ra85 (2012-11-22)
A genome-wide association study identified a strong correlation between body mass index and the presence of a 21-kb copy number variation upstream of the human GPRC5B gene; however, the functional role of GPRC5B in obesity remains unknown. We report that
Liping Cai et al.
Neuropathology : official journal of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology, 31(3), 250-264 (2010-12-02)
Hypotonicity following water intoxication and/or salt loss leads to mainly astrocytic brain swelling. Astrocytic swelling also occurs following brain trauma or ischemia, together with an increase in extracellular K(+) ([K(+)](o)), stimulating a bumetanide/furosemide/ethacrynic acid-inhibitable cotransporter, NKCC1, that accumulates Na(+) and
Zhihong Zhang et al.
Clinical & experimental metastasis, 28(6), 551-565 (2011-05-03)
The murine EL4 lymphoma cell line exists in variants that are either sensitive or resistant to phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA). In sensitive cells, PMA causes Erk MAPK activation and Erk-mediated growth arrest. In resistant cells, PMA induces a low level
Katherine H Fisher et al.
Molecular biology of the cell, 27(3), 434-441 (2015-12-15)
Transmembrane receptors interact with extracellular ligands to transduce intracellular signaling cascades, modulate target gene expression, and regulate processes such as proliferation, apoptosis, differentiation, and homeostasis. As a consequence, aberrant signaling events often underlie human disease. Whereas the vertebrate JAK/STAT signaling
Charlotte Kawecki et al.
Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology, 34(12), 2570-2578 (2014-10-25)
Elastin is the major structural extracellular matrix component of the arterial wall that provides the elastic recoil properties and resilience essential for proper vascular function. Elastin-derived peptides (EDP) originating from elastin fragmentation during vascular remodeling have been shown to play
Enrico Lupia et al.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 48(11), 2195-2203 (2006-12-13)
We sought to investigate the potential role of elevated levels of thrombopoietin (TPO) in platelet activation during unstable angina (UA). Thrombopoietin is a humoral growth factor that does not induce platelet aggregation per se, but primes platelet activation in response
Mutyala Satish et al.
Scientific reports, 11(1), 12293-12293 (2021-06-12)
Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors, such as pentoxifylline (PTX), are used as pharmacological agents to enhance sperm motility in assisted reproductive technology (ART), mainly to aid the selection of viable sperm in asthenozoospermic ejaculates and testicular spermatozoa, prior to intracytoplasmic sperm injection
P Froment et al.
The Journal of endocrinology, 194(3), 557-568 (2007-09-01)
IGF-I regulates pituitary and gonadal functions, and is pivotal for sexual development and fertility in mammalian species. To better understand the function of autocrine IGF-I in Sertoli cell physiology, we established a system for Cre-mediated conditional inactivation of the IGF-I
Christopher C Pan et al.
Oncotarget, 8(8), 12675-12685 (2016-05-14)
Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels from existing vasculature critical for embryonic development and vascular remodeling. Its dysregulation underlies numerous pathologic states ranging from ischemia to tumor growth and as such identifying new targeted- therapies is of significant
Kamal S Gill et al.
American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, 295(1), C38-C49 (2008-05-09)
The mammalian growth plate is a dynamic structure rich in extracellular matrix (ECM). Interactions of growth plate chondrocytes with ECM proteins regulate cell behavior. In this study, we compared chondrocyte adhesion and spreading dynamics on fibronectin (FN) and bone sialoprotein
Nagaraj Kerur et al.
Virology, 406(1), 103-116 (2010-08-03)
KSHV effectively binds, enters and establishes infection in THP-1 cells with initial concurrent expression of latent ORF73 and lytic ORF50 genes and subsequent persistence of ORF73. KSHV genome persisted for 30 days and lytic cycle could be activated. KSHV utilized
Thomas Neill et al.
The Journal of cell biology, 215(5), 687-703 (2016-12-03)
Although the growth factor progranulin was discovered more than two decades ago, the functional receptor remains elusive. Here, we discovered that EphA2, a member of the large family of Ephrin receptor tyrosine kinases, is a functional signaling receptor for progranulin.
Rosana D Meyer et al.
The Journal of biological chemistry, 281(13), 8620-8627 (2006-01-25)
Activation loop tyrosine autophosphorylation is an essential requirement for full kinase activation of receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs). However, mechanisms involved are not fully understood. In general, kinase domains of RTKs are folded into two main lobes, NH2- and COOH-terminal lobes.
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