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Analysis of Remdesivir and other Antiviral Drugs Using LC-MS/MS
We present a fast and robust HPLC-MS/MS method that can be used for Remdesivir and three structural antiviral analogues
The Importance of Filtration in Optimizing (U)HPLC and LC-MS Performance
Learn how filter selection and sample and mobile phase filtration impact HPLC back pressure and column lifetime.
Analysis of Activated Nucleotide Sugars by LC-MS/MS
A sensitive LC-MS/MS quantitative method for the simultaneous analysis of highly polar 11 nucleotide activated sugars having similar structures and physicochemical properties using Supel™ Carbon LC column.
The Carbon Enigma: Material Fundamentals and Retention Properties for Porous Graphitic Carbon (PGC) Stationary Phases
A shortened review of fundamentals of Porous Graphitic Carbon (PGC) materials. What they are and how do they work as a stationary phase material in HPLC?.
LC-MS/MS Analysis of 16 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in Milk using QuEChERS based on FDA method C-010.02
Discover an LC-MS/MS method for the analysis of 16 per- and polyfluoroalkyl compounds (PFAS) in milk using QuEChERS extraction technique following FDA C-010.02 guidelines.
Applications of Newly Developed 2.7 μm Porous Graphitic Carbon Particles in U/HPLC
Polar graphitic carbon (2.7 μm) based Ultra/High-performance liquid chromatographic separation of four highly polar pesticides, two polar herbicides―paraquat & diquat, and Vitamin D and its metabolites.
LC-MS/MS Analysis of 16 PFAS in Salmon using QuEChERS
Find more about the analysis of 16 PFAS in salmon via QuEChERS extraction and LC-MS/MS characterization following FDA Method C-010.02.