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Scalability Challenges of Viral Vector Manufacturing
Scaling up viral vector production using adherent cell culture systems is challenging. Learn how suspension cell culture systems benefit large-scale bioprocessing.
Bioreactor Process Development and Scale-Up for Transient Transfection-Based Lentivirus Manufacturing in Suspension Cell Culture
A step-by-step overview of suspension-based, transient transfection bioreactor process development and scaleup of lentivirus production.
Bioprocessing And Scale-Up Of Suspension HEK293 Cells For AAV Manufacturing
To address scalability challenges of AAV manufacturing, we developed an HEK293 suspension cell line that can be used across many serotypes. Get the data in this article.
High Performance Upstream Platforms for Lentiviral and Adeno-associated Virus Manufacturing
Optimizing the upstream portion of gene therapy production sets the stage for successful manufacturing by maximizing viral vector titers. To increase upstream titers and process productivity, manufacturers must partner with upstream technology experts who work with HEK293, HEK293T and Sf9
Can AAV Continue to Deliver the Promise of Gene Therapy?
The current status and future manufacturing of AAV-based gene therapies is discussed in this podcast transcript, including how to streamline large-scale manufacturing.
Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Upstream Processing for AAV and Lentivirus Platforms
Minimize the complexities of cell and gene therapy production. Switch to upstream viral vector platforms to enhance scalability and simplify GMP manufacturing.
Protein Fingerprinting of a Viral Vector, AAV5
Method development for protein fingerprinting of AAV serotype 5 using both intact mass analysis and peptide mapping, to determine critical quality attributes for gene therapy, utilizing three different columns.