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Katharine Pillidge et al.
Pharmacology, biochemistry, and behavior, 127, 56-61 (2014-12-03)
Mice with functional ablation of the neurokinin-1 receptor gene (NK1R(-/-)) display behavioural abnormalities which resemble the hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity seen in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here, we investigated whether the established ADHD treatment, atomoxetine, alleviates these abnormalities when
A Ferrer et al.
Bioresource technology, 132, 115-120 (2013-02-12)
Influence of operational variables in the EFB pulping [acetic acid (60-95%), hydrochloric acid (0.10-0.25%) and time (60-180 min)], on the yield, drainability or beating grade, Kappa number, lignin and viscosity of pulps was studied. By using a factorial design, equations
Maria Chiara Giuffrida et al.
International journal of pharmaceutics, 475(1-2), 624-631 (2014-09-23)
Interactions between paclitaxel and its squalenoyl prodrug with dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) monolayer at the air/water interface were studied. Paclitaxel is an antineoplastic drug, largely used as anti-cancer agents. Because its low aqueous solubility, Cremophor EL is used as excipient for its
Sayed M Derayea et al.
Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy, 153, 655-660 (2015-10-12)
A new validated spectrofluorimetric method has been developed for the determination of some cephalosporins namely; cefepime, cefaclor, cefadroxil, cefpodoxime and cefexime. The method was based on the reaction of these drugs with safranin in slightly alkaline medium (pH 8.0), to
Wei Xiang et al.
Molecular neurodegeneration, 10, 8-8 (2015-04-18)
Aggregation and aggregation-mediated formation of toxic alpha synuclein (aSyn) species have been linked to the pathogenesis of sporadic and monogenic Parkinson's disease (PD). A novel H50Q mutation of aSyn, resulting in the substitution of histidine by glutamine, has recently been
Takuya Kitamura et al.
The Biochemical journal, 465(1), 79-87 (2014-10-07)
Aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDHs) catalyse the conversion of toxic aldehydes into non-toxic carboxylic acids. Of the 21 ALDHs in mice, it is the ALDH3 family members (ALDH3A1, ALDH3A2, ALDH3B1, ALDH3B2 and ALDH3B3) that are responsible for the removal of lipid-derived aldehydes.
Kazushi Aoto et al.
Human molecular genetics, 24(3), 698-713 (2014-10-09)
Congenital brain and craniofacial defects often occur together as a consequence of their developmental dependency on common progenitor tissue interactions and signaling pathways during embryogenesis. A classic example of this is perturbation of midline embryo development, and disruption of Hedgehog
Jung-Seok Lee et al.
Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A, 103(2), 545-554 (2014-04-26)
There is growing concern about unwanted effects associated with the clinical use of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2) at high concentrations, including cyst-like bone formation and excessive fatty marrow formation. We, therefore, evaluated the induction of mineralized/adipose tissue formation
Jennifer Winstanley et al.
eLife, 4 (2015-02-03)
Members of the Tolloid family of metalloproteinases liberate BMPs from inhibitory complexes to regulate BMP gradient formation during embryonic dorsal-ventral axis patterning. Here, we determine mechanistically how Tolloid activity is regulated by its non-catalytic CUB domains in the Drosophila embryo.
Stewart Sell et al.
Viral immunology, 27(10), 484-496 (2014-12-06)
Immunopathologic examination of the lungs of mice with experimental influenza virus infection reveals three prominent findings. (i) There is rapidly developing perivascular (arterial) and peribronchial infiltration with T-cells and invasion of T-cells into the bronchiolar epithelium, separation of epithelial cells
Lisa Fischer et al.
International journal of legal medicine, 129(2), 279-287 (2014-10-12)
Insurance agencies might request laboratories to differentiate whether a deceased has been a smoker or not to decide about refunding of his nonsmoker rate. In this context, the question on a solid proof of tobacco alkaloids and major metabolites in
David A Rubinos et al.
Environmental science and pollution research international, 22(22), 17550-17568 (2015-07-05)
The effectiveness of the oxide-rich residue from bauxite refining (red mud) to remove inorganic Hg(II) from aqueous solutions was assessed. The aspects studied comprised the kinetics of the process (t = 1 min-24 h), the effect of pH (3.5-11.5), the interacting effect
Siddappa Manjunath et al.
Veterinary research, 46, 15-15 (2015-04-02)
Peste des petits ruminants (PPR), is an acute transboundary viral disease of economic importance, affecting goats and sheep. Mass vaccination programs around the world resulted in the decline of PPR outbreaks. Sungri 96 is a live attenuated vaccine, widely used
Maud Gratuze et al.
Human molecular genetics, 24(1), 86-99 (2014-09-11)
Huntington's disease (HD) is an autosomal-dominant neurodegenerative disorder caused by polyglutamine expansions in the amino-terminal region of the huntingtin (Htt) protein. At the cellular level, neuronal death is accompanied by the proteolytic cleavage, misfolding and aggregation of huntingtin. Abnormal hyperphosphorylation
Justin R Yates et al.
Psychopharmacology, 232(7), 1187-1196 (2014-10-02)
Discounting of delayed and probabilistic reinforcement is linked to increased drug use and pathological gambling. Understanding the neurobiology of discounting is important for designing treatments for these disorders. Glutamate is considered to be involved in addiction-like behaviors; however, the role
Vivian Caetano Bochi et al.
Food chemistry, 176, 234-243 (2015-01-28)
Ceylon gooseberry is a deep-purple exotic berry that is being produced in Brazil with great market potential. This work aimed to determine major phenolic compounds in this specie by HPLC-PDA-ESI/MS. Samples were collected in two different seasons. Pulp and skin
Hollie Burrell-Saward et al.
The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, 70(2), 510-517 (2014-10-10)
To optimize the Trypanosoma brucei brucei GVR35 VSL-2 bioluminescent strain as an innovative drug evaluation model for late-stage human African trypanosomiasis. An IVIS® Lumina II imaging system was used to detect bioluminescent T. b. brucei GVR35 parasites in mice to
Elaine Quinlan et al.
Biomaterials, 52, 358-366 (2015-03-31)
One of the biggest challenges in regenerative medicine is promoting sufficient vascularisation of tissue-engineered constructs. One approach to overcome this challenge is to target the cellular hypoxia inducible factor (HIF-1α) pathway, which responds to low oxygen concentration (hypoxia) and results
Vicente M Gómez-López et al.
Food microbiology, 46, 471-478 (2014-12-06)
Water can be a vector for foodborne pathogen cross-contamination during washing of vegetables if an efficient method of water disinfection is not used. Chlorination is the disinfection method most widely used, but it generates disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes (THMs).
María J Trujillo-Rodríguez et al.
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 407(29), 8753-8764 (2015-09-26)
The use of mixed hemimicelles of ionic liquid (IL)-based surfactants in a magnetic-based micro-dispersive solid-phase extraction (m-μdSPE) approach is described. Not only is the symmetric monocationic IL-based surfactant 1,3-didodecylimidazolium bromide (C12C12Im-Br) studied for first time in m-μdSPE, but double-salt (DS)
Yun Li et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1392, 28-36 (2015-03-22)
A new dendrimer-functionalized mesoporous silica material based on large-pore 3D cubic Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology-6 (KIT-6) was synthesized by the growing of dendritic branches inside the mesopores of aminopropyl functionalized KIT-6. Detailed physical characterizations using transmission electron
Samar M Abouelatta et al.
European journal of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics : official journal of Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V, 89, 82-92 (2014-12-03)
The challenge in developing oral drug delivery systems of poorly soluble basic drugs is primarily due to their pH dependent solubility. Cinnarizine (CNZ), a model for a poorly soluble basic drug, has pH dependent solubility; where it dissolves readily at
Nicole Abdul et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 16469-16469 (2015-11-11)
Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is one of the most successful orthopaedic procedures that alleviates pain and restores function in patients with degenerative knee joint diseases. Arthrofibrosis, abnormal scarring in which dense fibrous tissue prevents normal range of motion, develops in
Masashi Morita et al.
Metabolic brain disease, 30(6), 1359-1367 (2015-06-26)
The dysfunction of ABCD1, a peroxisomal ABC protein, leads to the perturbation of very long chain fatty acid (VLCFA) metabolism and is the cause of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy. Abcd1-deficient mice exhibit an accumulation of saturated VLCFAs, such as C26:0, in all
Abdelhak Belmadani et al.
Hippocampus, 25(11), 1224-1241 (2015-02-07)
We identified a previously unknown neurogenic region at the dorsal surface of the hippocampus; (the "subhippocampal zone," SHZ) in the adult brain. Using a reporter mouse in which SHZ cells and their progeny could be traced through the expression of
Ajay Kumar Yagati et al.
Bioelectrochemistry (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 107, 37-44 (2015-11-03)
For label-free and direct detection of C-reactive protein (CRP), an impedimetric sensor based on an indium tin oxide (ITO) electrode array functionalized with reduced graphene oxide-nanoparticle (rGO-NP) hybrid was fabricated and evaluated. Analytical measurements were performed to examine the properties
Qistina Pilson et al.
Experimental eye research, 132, 109-114 (2015-01-15)
Impression cytology (IC) is an easy and safe technique that has been used in the past for harvesting epithelial cells from the cornea and conjunctiva for various applications including histology, immunohistology and molecular studies. Previous investigations have shown the usage
Kan Liu et al.
Bioresource technology, 176, 88-97 (2014-12-03)
Eastern redcedar is an invasive softwood species in Oklahoma and across grasslands in the Central Plains of the United States and potential feedstock for butanol production. Butanol has higher energy content than ethanol and can be upgraded to jet and
Makiko Shimizu et al.
Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, 30(1), 70-74 (2015-03-12)
Human flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3) in the liver catalyzes a variety of oxygenations of nitrogen- and sulfur-containing medicines and xenobiotic substances. Because of growing interest in drug interactions mediated by polymorphic FMO3, benzydamine N-oxygenation by human FMO3 was investigated as
Wei Li Lee et al.
PloS one, 9(12), e114284-e114284 (2014-12-04)
Floating dosage forms with prolonged gastric residence time have garnered much interest in the field of oral delivery. However, studies had shown that slow and incomplete release of hydrophobic drugs during gastric residence period would reduce drug absorption and cause
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