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Improved Access to 1, 8-Dichloro-10-(ethynyl) anthracene: A Useful Building Block for (Semi-) rigid Organic Frameworks
Jan-Hendrik L,et al.
Synthesis, 50, 2009-2018 (2018)
Tandem enyne metathesis and Claisen rearrangement: a versatile approach to conjugated dienes of variable substitution patterns
Clark DA, et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(49), 15632-15636 (2006)
An enantioselective formal synthesis of 4-demethoxydaunomycin using the catalytic asymmetric ring opening reaction of meso-epoxide with p-anisidine
Sekine A, et al.
Tetrahedron, 58(1), 75-82 (2002)
Organomagnesium synthesis of sec-butyl-and tert-alkylchlorogermanes and their reaction with ethynylmagnesium bromide
Yarosh OG, et al.
Russ. J. Gen. Chem., 75(5), 714-718 (2005)
Highly heat resistant and thermo-oxidatively stable borosilane alkynyl hybrid polymers
Hua Z,et al.
Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 5, 12161-12167 (2015)
Grafting of functionalized polymer on porous silicon surface using Grignard reagent
FZ T,et al.
Applied Surface Science, 421, 82-88 (2017)
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 3442-3442 (2006)
Daniel A Clark et al.
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(49), 15632-15636 (2006-12-07)
To extend the versatility of the ruthenium carbene-promoted enyne metathesis, it was combined with an Ireland ester enolate Claisen rearrangement. This reaction sequence provided conjugated dienes of higher substitution pattern than that obtained through a cross-enyne metathesis alone. The Ireland-Claisen
(3+ 2)-Cyclization Reactions of Unsaturated Phosphonites with Aldehydes and Thioketones
Don MS,et al.
Chemistry?A European Journal , 29, e202300806-e202300806 (2023)
Reactions of carbon nucleophiles with 2, 2, 3-trisubstituted ethynylaziridines
Kelley BT and Joullie MM
Tetrahedron Asymmetry, 24(19), 1233-1239 (2013)
Diastereoselective Ethynylation of Chiral α-(Dibenzylamino) Aldehydes: Synthesis of meso-and Homochiral C2-Symmetrical 1, 6-Diamino-2, 5-diols
Andres JM, et al.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2006(15), 3442-3450 (2006)
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