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Genye He et al.
Journal of chromatographic science, 52(8), 848-851 (2013-09-14)
Formoterol is a new threshold substance in the prohibited list 2012 according to World Anti-Doping Agency. Extracted by ethyl acetate using formoterol-D6 as internal standard, formoterol underwent a constant flow rate gradient elution separation in reversed-phase liquid chromatography. Subsequently, mass
Joke Meeus et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 104(4), 1451-1460 (2015-02-05)
For ternary solid dispersions, it is indispensable to characterize their structure, phase behavior, and the spatial distribution of the dispersed drug as this might influence the release profile and/or stability of these formulations. This study shows how formulation (feed concentration)
Christopher Polonyi et al.
Dalton transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003), 43(31), 11941-11949 (2014-06-27)
The ability of the anticancer active drug cisplatin to exert biological activity through interference with nucleic acid function is well documented. Since kinetics play a key role in determining product distributions in these systems, methods for accurate documentation of reactivity
Flavio Della Pelle et al.
Analytical chemistry, 87(13), 6905-6911 (2015-05-30)
In this work, a rapid and simple gold nanoparticle (AuNPs)-based colorimetric assay meets a new type of synthesis of AuNPs in organic medium requiring no sample extraction. The AuNPs synthesis extraction-free approach strategically involves the use of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
K F Chan et al.
Materials science & engineering. C, Materials for biological applications, 58, 666-674 (2015-10-20)
Immunosensors based on gold nanoparticles and reduced graphene oxide (AuNPs/rGO)-modified screen-printed electrodes (SPEs) were successfully synthesized using an electrochemical deposition method. The modified SPEs were characterized using a field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) and Raman spectroscopy to analyze the
Alejandro Fernández-Pumarega et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1418, 167-176 (2015-10-05)
Toxicity has been emulated in tadpole species through chromatographic systems. The parameter studied to evaluate the non-specific toxicity of a compound is the narcosis concentration (Cnar), which is defined as the concentration needed for the immobilization of the organism. Because
Diane C Forbes et al.
Macromolecular bioscience, 14(8), 1096-1105 (2014-04-23)
This work investigates the interactions of a polycationic nanocarrier with siRNA and with cells in order to better understand the capabilities and limitations of the carrier. The polycationic nanocarriers are cross-linked copolymer nanoparticles synthesized in a single-step reaction using ARGET
Lore Geldof et al.
Biomedical chromatography : BMC, 28(7), 974-985 (2014-02-06)
Anti-doping laboratories need to be aware of evolutions on the steroid market and elucidate steroid metabolism to identify markers of misuse. Owing to ethical considerations, in vivo and in vitro models are preferred to human excretion for nonpharmaceutical grade substances.
Aldo Roda et al.
The Analyst, 139(24), 6494-6501 (2014-10-25)
Increasingly, smartphones are used as portable personal computers, revolutionizing communication styles and entire lifestyles. Using 3D-printing technology we have made a disposable minicartridge that can be easily prototyped to turn any kind of smartphone or tablet into a portable luminometer
Sry D Hujaya et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 32(9), 3066-3086 (2015-04-09)
To investigate the properties of phenylboronic acid-functional poly(amido amine) polymers (BA-PAA) in forming multilayered thin films with poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and chondroitin sulfate (ChS), and to evaluate their compatibility with COS-7 cells. Copolymers of phenylboronic acid-functional poly(amido amine)s, differing in
C Fornaguera et al.
Nanoscale, 7(28), 12076-12084 (2015-06-30)
Polymeric nanoparticles could be promising drug delivery systems to treat neurodegenerative diseases. Among the various methods of nanoparticle preparation, nano-emulsion templating was used in the present study to prepare galantamine-loaded nano-emulsions by a low-energy emulsification method followed by solvent evaporation
Sry D Hujaya et al.
Acta biomaterialia, 22, 19-31 (2015-05-02)
Dip-coated multilayered thin films of poly(amido amine)s (PAAs) and DNA have been developed to provide surfaces with cell-transfecting capabilities. Three types of PAAs, differing in side chain functional groups, were synthesized and characterized for their properties in forming multilayered structures
Oliver Wahl et al.
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis, 102, 100-109 (2014-09-30)
Magnesium supplementation in form of organic magnesium salts is a very popular practice. We examined the enantiomeric purity of "Magnesium aspartate dihydrate" monographed in the European Pharmacopeia. A chiral capillary zone electrophoresis using (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrin coupled to laser induced fluorescence detection
Tony Fischer et al.
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, 8, 393-393 (2020-06-18)
The migration and invasion of cancer cells through 3D confined extracellular matrices is coupled to cell mechanics and the mechanics of the extracellular matrix. Cell mechanics is mainly determined by both the mechanics of the largest organelle in the cell
Knut Fredrik Seip et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1347, 1-7 (2014-05-06)
Electromembrane extraction (EME) was performed on samples containing substantial amounts of NaCl to investigate how the presence of salts affected the recovery, repeatability, and membrane current in the extraction system. A group of 17 non-polar basic drugs with various physical
Tony Fischer et al.
Scientific reports, 9(1), 8352-8352 (2019-06-09)
The tissue microenvironment is a major contributor to cellular functions, such as cell adhesion, migration and invasion. A critical physical parameter for determining the effect of the microenvironment on cellular functions is the average pore-size of filamentous scaffolds, such as
Olena Pogozhykh et al.
Stem cell research & therapy, 6, 150-150 (2015-08-25)
Multipotent stromal cells (MSCs) are among the key candidates in regenerative medicine. However variety of MSC sources and general heterogeneity lead to controversial data in functional characterization. Furthermore, despite intensive usage as preclinical animal model, little is known about MSCs
Evelien Wynendaele et al.
PloS one, 10(11), e0142071-e0142071 (2015-11-05)
Bacteria communicate with each other by the use of signaling molecules, a process called 'quorum sensing'. One group of quorum sensing molecules includes the oligopeptides, which are mainly produced by Gram-positive bacteria. Recently, these quorum sensing peptides were found to
Mehrnoosh Shirangi et al.
Pharmaceutical research, 32(9), 3044-3054 (2015-04-03)
Polyesters with hydrophilic domains, i.e., poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolic-co-hydroxymethyl glycolic acid) (PLGHMGA) and a multiblock copolymer of poly(ε-caprolactone)-PEG-poly(ε-caprolactone) and poly(L-lactide) ((PC-PEG-PC)-(PL)) are expected to cause less acylation of encapsulated peptides than fully hydrophobic matrices. Our purpose is to assess the extent and sites
Helena Vilaça et al.
Biomacromolecules, 16(11), 3562-3573 (2015-10-08)
In this work, we introduce dipeptides containing tryptophan N-capped with the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug naproxen and C-terminal dehydroamino acids, dehydrophenylalanine (ΔPhe), dehydroaminobutyric acid (ΔAbu), and dehydroalanine (ΔAla) as efficacious protease resistant hydrogelators. Optimized conditions for gel formation are reported. Transmission
Fernando Eduardo Padovan-Neto et al.
Neuropharmacology, 89, 87-99 (2014-09-10)
It is well known that nitric oxide (NO) interacts with dopamine (DA) within the striatal circuitry. The anti-dyskinetic properties of NO synthase (NOS) inhibitors demonstrate the importance of NO in L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA)-induced dyskinesia (LID). Here, we investigated the ability of
Bartosz Kazłowski et al.
Carbohydrate polymers, 122, 351-358 (2015-03-31)
A series of neoagaro-oligosaccharides (NAOS) were prepared by β-agarase digestion and agaro-oligosaccharides (AOS) by HCl hydrolysis from agarose with defined quantity and degree of polymerization (DP). Chain-length distribution in the crude product mixtures were monitored by two high performance anion
Susana Sadler Simões et al.
Forensic science international, 243, 117-125 (2014-08-16)
An UPLC-MS/MS method using ESI+ionization and MRM was developed and fully validated according to international guidelines for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of nine synthetic cannabinoids and/or their metabolites in urine samples (1mL). Prior to extraction the samples were subjected
Laura Herrero et al.
Analytica chimica acta, 853, 625-636 (2014-12-04)
Phthalates (PAEs) are ubiquitous toxic chemical compounds. During the last few years, some phthalate metabolites (MPAEs) have been proposed as appropriate biomarkers in human urine samples to determine PAE human intake and exposure. So, it is necessary to have fast
Leslie C Dickson
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 967, 203-210 (2014-08-16)
This paper describes an extension and performance characterization of a quantitative confirmatory multi-residue liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method for residues of macrolide and lincosamide antibiotics, originally validated for application to bovine kidney tissues, to tissues of salmon, shrimp and tilapia.
H Knoth et al.
Die Pharmazie, 70(6), 374-378 (2015-07-21)
The electrochemical behavior of the azole antifungal agents itraconazole, posaconazole and ketoconazole has been investigated at a glassy carbon working electrode using cyclic voltammetry. All measurements were carried out in a supporting electrolyte solution consisting of a 1:1 (v/v) mixture
Li-Bo Li et al.
Neuropharmacology, 91, 23-33 (2014-12-09)
Serotonin2A (5-HT2A) receptors are highly expressed in the medial septum-diagonal band of Broca complex (MS-DB), especially in parvalbumin (PV)-positive neurons linked to hippocampal theta rhythm, which is involved in cognition. Cognitive impairments commonly occur in Parkinson's disease. Here we performed
Maria C Mavroudi et al.
Electrophoresis, 35(18), 2573-2578 (2014-05-24)
The aim of the present study is the CE performance evaluation for the separation of 2-arylpropionic acid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. In particular, the separation of indoprofen, carprofen, ketoprofen, ibuprofen, and flurbiprofen was obtained by supporting the BGE either with SDS
Patrizia Iavicoli et al.
Journal of chromatography. A, 1422, 260-269 (2015-10-27)
Asymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (AF4) combined with multidetector analysis form a promising technique in the field of nanoparticle characterization. This system is able to measure the dimensions and physicochemical properties of nanoparticles with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Here, for the
A Garbaras et al.
Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 17(3), 2252-2258 (2014-12-09)
Stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry is a conventional method used in archaeology, and medical, environmental and paleoenvironmental reconstruction studies. However new insights and applicability of the equipment often open new research areas and improve our understanding of the ongoing processes.
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