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Marjorie Reyes-Farias et al.
Journal of medicinal food, 18(5), 601-608 (2014-10-11)
Obesity is characterized by an increase in the infiltration of monocytes into the adipose tissue, causing an inflammatory condition associated with, for example, the development of insulin resistance. Thus, anti-inflammatory-based treatments could emerge as a novel and interesting approach. It
Chun Shi et al.
Cell transplantation, 30, 9636897211024210-9636897211024210 (2021-06-10)
Mitochondrial transplantation emerges as a novel therapeutic solution for ischemia/reperfusion injury (IRI) in various tissues. Platelets have recently been used in mitochondrial transplantation as readily-available donors of small-size platelet mitochondria (plt-mito). Interestingly, FUN14 Domain Containing 2 (FUNDC2), a protein highly-expressed
Kar Wey Yong et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 9596-9596 (2015-04-16)
Cryopreservation represents an effective technique to maintain the functional properties of human adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) and allows pooling of cells via long-term storage for clinical applications, e.g., cell-based therapies. It is crucial to reduce freezing injury during the cryopreservation
Shuntaro Yamada et al.
Journal of tissue engineering, 12, 20417314211019375-20417314211019375 (2021-07-16)
The fatal determination of bone marrow mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (BMSC) is closely associated with mechano-environmental factors in addition to biochemical clues. The aim of this study was to induce osteogenesis in the absence of chemical stimuli using a custom-designed laminar
Nara Shin et al.
Environmental science. Processes & impacts, 21(8), 1342-1352 (2019-05-03)
In this study, we investigated the airborne particles released during paper printing and paper shredding processes in an attempt to characterize and differentiate these particles. Particle characteristics were studied with real time instruments (RTIs) to measure concentrations and with samplers
Haofeng Ji et al.
Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.), 60(6), 2052-2064 (2014-07-30)
Hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI), an innate immunity-driven inflammation response, occurs in multiple clinical settings including liver resection, transplantation, trauma, and shock. T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin (TIM)-4, the only TIM protein not expressed on T cells, is found on macrophages and
Hermes Taylor-Weiner et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117(6), 2978-2986 (2020-01-29)
Skeletal muscle cells contain hundreds of myonuclei within a shared cytoplasm, presenting unique challenges for regulating gene expression. Certain transcriptional programs (e.g., postsynaptic machinery) are segregated to specialized domains, while others (e.g., contractile proteins) do not show spatial confinement. Furthermore
T Detanico et al.
Clinical and experimental immunology, 135(2), 336-342 (2004-01-24)
Cytokines are key modulators of the immune responses that take place in the inflamed synovium of arthritis patients. Consequently, substances that can reverse the inflammatory profile of the inflamed joint are potential tools for clinical management of the disease. Mycobacterial
Rahul Bhagat et al.
Journal of ocular pharmacology and therapeutics : the official journal of the Association for Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 30(10), 854-858 (2014-11-21)
Dexamethasone intravitreal implant (DEX implant, Ozurdex(®); Allergan, Inc.) is used to treat noninfectious posterior uveitis and macular edema associated with retinal vein occlusion and diabetic retinopathy. Two recently published reports of DEX implant fragmentation shortly after injection have raised concerns
Isolation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Human Deciduous Teeth Pulp.
Tsai Aileen
BioMed Research International (2017)
Yukiko Kitase et al.
Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 25(12), 2657-2668 (2010-06-26)
Glucocorticoids are known to induce osteocyte apoptosis, whereas mechanical loading has been shown to sustain osteocyte viability. Here we show that mechanical loading in the form of fluid-flow shear stress blocks dexamethasone-induced apoptosis of osteocyte-like cells (MLO-Y4). Prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)
Yefei Wang et al.
Journal of translational medicine, 12, 123-123 (2014-06-03)
Bone tissue engineering is a new approach for the repair of orbital defects. The aim of the present study was to explore the feasibility of tissue-engineered bone constructed using bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) that were rapidly isolated and concentrated
Boris M Holzapfel et al.
Biomaterials, 61, 103-114 (2015-05-23)
Advances in tissue-engineering have resulted in a versatile tool-box to specifically design a tailored microenvironment for hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in order to study diseases that develop within this setting. However, most current in vivo models fail to recapitulate the biological
Efthymia Kitraki et al.
Molecular and cellular endocrinology, 417, 191-199 (2015-10-03)
Bisphenol A (BPA), an abundant endocrine disruptor, affects stress-responsiveness and related behaviors in children. In rats, perinatal BPA exposure modifies stress response in pubertal offspring via unknown mechanisms. Here we examined possible epigenetic modifications in the glucocorticoid receptor gene and
Jie Li et al.
Journal of molecular histology, 46(3), 241-249 (2015-03-19)
Stem cells have long been hypothesized to improve outcomes following rotator cuff repair. However, these cells must be signaled in order to do so. TGIF1 is a transcription factor that has been found to be down-regulated in cells involved in
Sachchida Nand Pandey et al.
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 20(5), 8304-8315 (2015-05-27)
Facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) is believed to be caused by aberrant expression of double homeobox 4 (DUX4) due to epigenetic changes of the D4Z4 region at chromosome 4q35. Detecting DUX4 is challenging due to its stochastic expression pattern and low
Konstantinos A Toulis et al.
Anticancer research, 32(8), 3283-3289 (2012-07-31)
Antisurvival factor therapy for prostate cancer cells (ASF) in castration-resistant prostate cancer, is a hormonal manipulation consisting of a somatostatin analog, which reduces the growth hormone-dependent, systemic IGF-1 production and of oral dexamethasone, which supresses the urokinase type plasminogen activator
Shin-ichi Fuchida et al.
[Rinsho ketsueki] The Japanese journal of clinical hematology, 53(11), 1937-1939 (2012-12-22)
A 62-year-old woman diagnosed with asymptomatic IgG multiple myeloma in 1998 received distal gastrectomy because of abdominal fullness and was diagnosed with AL amyloidosis in 2009. She was referred to our hospital and further examination revealed amyloid depositions on the
Mahmoud Hosseini et al.
Neurological research, 37(4), 309-319 (2014-11-08)
Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) have been presented as alternative sources of cells to be transplanted into the brain in neurodegenerative disorders. In this regard, the efficacy of hMSCs transplants in reducing motor and non-motor deficits in a quinolinic acid
Minoru Tomizawa et al.
Journal of cellular biochemistry, 116(8), 1479-1489 (2015-02-17)
Human induced pluripotent stem (hiPS) cells are an ideal source for hepatocytes. Glucose and arginine are necessary for cells to survive. Hepatocytes have galactokinase (GALK), which metabolizes galactose for gluconeogenesis, and ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC), which converts ornithine to arginine in
Wei Liu et al.
Respiratory research, 20(1), 281-281 (2019-12-13)
Fibroblasts regulate tissue homeostasis and the balance between tissue repair and fibrosis. CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein alpha (CEBPA) is a key transcription factor that regulates adipogenesis. CEBPA has been shown to be essential for lung maturation, and deficiency of CEBPA expression leads
Mandy Laube et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 21(1) (2019-12-22)
Preterm infants frequently suffer from respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), possibly due to lower expression of epithelial Na+ channels (ENaC). RDS incidence is sex-specific, affecting males almost twice as often. Despite the use of antenatal glucocorticoids (GCs), the sex difference persists.
Tao Zheng et al.
British journal of pharmacology, 172(13), 3284-3301 (2015-03-11)
Recent reports have suggested that salidroside could protect cardiomyocytes from oxidative injury and stimulate glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). The aim of this study was to evaluate the therapeutic effects of salidroside on
Jiehan Li et al.
Biochemical pharmacology, 97(1), 99-110 (2015-07-01)
As a major regulator in obesity and its associated metabolic complications, the proper functioning of adipocytes is crucial for health maintenance, thus serving as an important target for the development of anti-obese and anti-diabetic therapies. There is increasing evidence that
Jiyoung Bae et al.
Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire, 93(3), 251-261 (2015-03-06)
Brown adipose tissue (BAT) holds promise to combat obesity through energy-spending, non-shivering thermogenesis. Understanding of regulation of BAT development can lead to novel strategies to increase BAT mass and function for obesity treatment and prevention. Here, we report the effects
Zhen Liu et al.
Cellular physiology and biochemistry : international journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, 37(1), 321-330 (2015-09-01)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is one of the most common dementias among aged people, and is clinically characterized by progressive memory loss, behavioral and learning dysfunction and cognitive deficits. So far, this is no cure for AD. A therapeutic effect of
Sabrina Ehnert et al.
Experimental cell research, 332(2), 247-258 (2015-01-06)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is one of the most frequent metabolic disorders in industrialized countries. Among other complications, T2DM patients have an increased fracture risk and delayed fracture healing. We have demonstrated that supraphysiological glucose and insulin levels inhibit
Niclas C Tan et al.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 16(11), 5853-5861 (2008-05-21)
Peptides are limited in their use as drugs due to low cell permeability and vulnerability to proteases. In contrast, peptoids are immune to enzymatic degradation and some peptoids have been shown to be relatively cell permeable. In order to facilitate
Jing Ji et al.
Nanoscale research letters, 10(1), 453-453 (2015-11-27)
Carboplatin (CRB) possesses superior anticancer effect in cervical cancer cells with lower incidence of side effects compared to that of cisplatin. However, CRB suffers from severe side effects due to undesirable tissue distributions which contribute to the low therapeutic efficacy.
Alexandre Denoyer et al.
Ophthalmology, 122(4), 669-676 (2014-12-03)
To compare small incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) versus LASIK for post-refractive dry eye disease. Prospective, comparative, nonrandomized clinical study. Thirty patients scheduled for bilateral myopic SMILE and 30 age-, sex-, and refraction-matched patients scheduled for bilateral myopic LASIK were enrolled
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