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Supel™-Select Polymeric SPE
Supel-Select HLB SPE - a hydrophilic modified styrene based polymer developed for the solid phase extraction of a broad range of compounds from aqueous samples.
HPLC Troubleshooting Guide
Identify and correct common HPLC problems to restore column performance. Get help with peak problems (peak splitting, peak tailing, peak fronting, etc.), retention time, purge noise, and loss of resolution with example chromatograms.
Green Chemistry Principles
Learn about the principles of green chemistry and how our company assists you in reducing the chemical-related impact on human health and contamination of the environment through dedicated, sustainable prevention programs.
Ultrapure Water to Assess Elemental Impurities per USP
Elemental impurities in pharmaceutical drugs present a risk to human health and are regulated. Milli-Q® ultrapure water purification systems comply with the requirements for trace element analyses.
Solution with 17 Amino Acids as TraceCERT® Certified Reference Material
Technical article on "Solution with 17 Amino Acids as TraceCERT® Certified Reference Material"
Rapid Analysis of Caffeinated Energy Drinks by HPLC on Ascentis® Express
The sample complexity makes it important to use highly-efficient, highly-selective phases and columns that are compatible with different detection systems to maximize the information from HPLC experiments. Ascentis Express Fused-Core® columns meet these requirements.
Syringe Filters for Chromatography
Syringe filter selection guide for HPLC, UHPLC, and Ion Chromatography using pore size, filter diameter, chemical compatibility, analyte binding, and extractables.
Determination of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A in Stevia leaves, beverages and food additives using HPTLC-MS
HPTLC-MS was used to analyze stevioside and rebaudioside in artificial sweeteners, stevia plants, cola and isotonic drinks with a minimum of sample preparation.
What is Titration?
Titration is a quantitative chemical analysis method to determine the unknown concentration of any substance, such as a raw material, substance or finished good.
Proline Derivatization and Enantioresolution by Chiral GC
Amino acids are building blocks of peptides and proteins. Enantiomeric separation of these molecules can be performed through chromatography by chiral stationary phases. This article describes the chiral GC analysis of one amino acid, proline, after achiral derivatization.
Analysis of Acylcarnitines in Dried Blood Spots (DBS) Samples by FIA-MS/MS
In this article we provide a complete workflow of quantification and identification of acylcarnitines in dried blood spots (DBS) using stable isotope-labeled (SIL) acylcarnitines CRMs by FIA-MS/MS.
Synthetic Cannabinoid Analysis
A large variety of cannabinoid drug standards, along with an HPLC method with the Supelco Ascentis® Express RP-Amide column, are presented in this article.
Syringe Filters
Answers to common syringe filter selection questions, such as sterile vs non-sterile, how to use, membrane and housing types, and pore size.
LC-MS Analysis of Hormones in Tap Water
Milli-Q® ultrapure water systems deliver water free of organic contaminants , including hormones present in a lab's tap water, making it suitable for the most sensitive LC-MS/MS analyses.
Characterization of Stable Isotope Caffeine as Reference Material for Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry
This technique is based on the direct proportionality of mass fraction ratio and signal intensity ratio of the natural isotope and the C-13 labeled caffeine.
Replace Classical Liquid-Liquid Extractions with EXtrelut® NT
Simplify your liquid-liquid extractions with our emulsion-free supported-liquid extraction (SLE) single step solution.
Quantification of Bitter Acids in Hops by Thin Layer Chromatography
HPTLC separation followed by UV detection of the bitter acid content in various hop samples.
Ultrapure Water to Assess Trace Element Impurities in Pharmaceuticals
Elemental impurities in pharmaceutical products must be monitored and controlled at all stages of development and production. Ultrapure water produced by a Milli-Q® water system is recommended for ICP-MS and ICP-OES trace element analyses.
Supelco Preparative HPLC products for Pharmaceutical Development and Production
Supelco Preparative HPLC products for Pharmaceutical Development and Production
Drospirenone Assay - USP Monograph
Determination of the progestin medication, Drospirenone, using Purospher® STAR RP-18e Hibar® HPLC column and meeting the system suitability criteria as described in the USP monograph.
Ultrapure Water for LC MS Biomedical Analyses
This study assesses the suitability of ultrapure water from a Milli-Q® water system for sensitive LC-MS analyses of hormones.