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Forskolin-Induced Swelling Assays
A rapid in vitro assay for CFTR function, the forskolin-induced swelling protocol uses human colon organoids, which can be derived from cystic fibrosis patient tissue.
Guidelines for Bioassays on MultiScreen Filter Plates: Protein Binding and Cell Loading
Guidelines for various bioassays on the MultiScreen system, which makes it possible to carry out an assay from sample incubation to scintillation counting in a 96-well plate.
Cultrex® Basement Membrane Extract, Type 2, PathClear® Protocol
Cultrex® Basement Membrane Extract (BME) is a soluble form of basement membrane purified from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) tumor.
In Vitro T Cell Killing Assay Protocol Using Millicell® Microwell Plates
Learn how to set up a T cell killing assay using Millicell® Microwell plates. Our high throughput assay protocol evaluates the killing capacity to colorectal tumor spheroids and enables patient-specific assays.
Preparation of Antibody Sensitized Sheep Erythrocytes
Protocol for the preparation of Antibody Sensitized Sheep Erythrocytes. Includes product numbers and links.
The Endothelial Cell Transwell Migration and Invasion Assay
Cell culture protocol: the endothelial cell transwell migration and invasion assay used to study angiogenesis and cancer cell metastasis. Explore over 350 PromoCell products.
Organoids Generation and Phenotypic Screen on Millicell® Microwell Plates
Discover how to use Millicell® Microwell plates to generate mouse intestinal and colorectal cancer organoids and develop a high throughput phenotypic drug development screen.