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Liquid Formulation Strategies

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Improving API Solubility
This article describes the solubility challenge presented by many small molecule APIs and strategies to overcome these issues during the formulation process.
Addressing Viscosity Challenges for Subcutaneous Injections
This overview provides strategies for reducing the viscosity of high concentration drug formulations to enable subcutaneous injections for greater patient convenience and adherence.
Arcofolin® Methylfolate
Arcofolin® Methylfolate as a superior alternative to Folic Acid and as a readily available source of Folate has uniquely become available for nutritional supplementation and fortification.
Parenteral Drugs: Ensuring Sterility and Minimizing Risks During Manufacturing
Learn strategies to help ensure the sterility of parenteral drugs and minimize risk during manufacturing of these high-risk applications.
Comparison of Preservatives Used in Various Therapeutic Applications
Find key considerations for the selection and use of benzalkonium chloride, benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde, parabens, benzoic acid, and sodium benzoate as preservatives.
Criteria for Selecting Preservatives Used in Liquid Formulation
Find key considerations for the selection and use of preservatives in a range of different therapeutic applications including topical, oral, transmucosal, inhalation, and otic, as well as injectables.
Improving API Solubility using API Processing
Instead of addressing API solubility during formulation, tackle it early during development. Read about the various methods for API processing.
Overcoming Excipient Risks and Challenges for Parenteral Formulations
This overview describes the challenges when developing parenteral formulations and strategies to overcome them and reduce the risk of production.
Viscosity Reduction in High Concentration TFF
This overview describes how use of viscosity-reducing excipients can address viscosity challenges in high concentration tangential flow filtration (TFF) and improve process economics.
Facilitate Handling of Bulk Powders with Dry Granulation
Handling bulk powders at a large scale in the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and bioprocessing setting is challenging. Compared to powders, granulated materials experience far less caking, have better flowability, and are easier to handle, even after long-term storage.
Use of PVA to Overcome Challenges in Ophthalmic Formulations
PVA meets all the essential requirements to be used in ophthalmic preparations and offers important benefits compared to HPMC and CMC.