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Sure/Seal™ Packaging System
Our Sure/Seal air-sensitive and anhydrous packaging system has been improved to incorporate larger puncture are and new elastomer liner which has greater sealing properties.
Knoevenagel Condensation Reaction
Knoevenagel Condensation is an organic reaction named after Emil Knoevenagel. It is a classic C-C bond formation reaction and a modification of the Aldol Condensation.
Biginelli Reaction
The Biginelli Reaction is an acid-catalyzed, three-component reaction between an aldehyde, b-ketoester, and urea that produces tetrahydropyrimidones, which have potential pharmaceutical applications.
Protected Carbohydrate Building Blocks for More Efficient Syntheses
Carbohydrates and their biologically active glycoconjugate analogs are emerging as an important class of biomolecules.
PI and PSI – Chiral phosphorus incorporation harnessing the potential of P(V)
PI and PSI reagents are a platform of phosphate-based reagents for phosphorylation and phosphothiolation of nucleotides and peptides developed by the Baran lab.
Acid and Base Chart — Table of Acids & Bases
Acid and base chart lists the strength of acids and bases (strongest to weakest) in order. Simple to use laboratory reference chart for scientists, researchers and lab technicians.
Greener Methods: Catalytic Amide Bond Formation
We are proud to offer a number of products used in catalytic amidation technology.
Aldol Condensation Reaction
The aldol condensation reaction is an organic reaction introduced by Charles Wurtz, who first prepared the β-hydroxy aldehyde from acetaldehdye in 1872.
Diels–Alder Reaction
The Diels–Alder reaction is the reaction between a conjugated diene and an alkene (dienophile) to form unsaturated six-membered rings. It is also referred to as a cycloaddition.
Asymmetric Catalysis with Chiral Oxazaborolidinium Ions (COBIs)
Learn about the applications of chiral oxazaborolidinium ions (COBIs) as Lewis acid catalysts in different asymmetric reactions such as cyclopropanation, epoxidation, and radical reactions along with details of their catalytic action.
Recent Advances in the Catalytic Transformations
This article details the latest progress in synthesizing alkylsulfonyl fluorides through different approaches that utilize photoredox catalysis, electrocatalysis, transition-metal catalysis, and organocatalysis. The alkylsulfonyl fluorides thus prepared could be utilized further in sulfur(VI) fluoride exchange (SuFEx) click reactions.
Spirocyclic Building Blocks for Scaffold Assembly
Spirocyclic modules containing four-membered rings are currently of growing interest to discovery chemists.
Synthia™ Organic Retrosynthesis Software - Resources
Learn more about Synthia™ Organic Retrosynthesis Software and view a list of publications.
Selecting Orthogonal Building Blocks
Novabiochem® product range has one of the largest collections of orthogonally and quasi-orthogonally protected tri-functional amino acids. These derivatives are useful tools for the synthesis of cyclic and branched peptides and peptides carrying side-chain modifications.
Friedel–Crafts Acylation
Friedel-Crafts acylation with Lewis acid catalysts forms monoacylated products via electrophilic aromatic substitution of arenes.
Fries Rearrangement
Quantum dots (QDs): Semiconductor nanoparticles with diverse applications including displays, lighting, and biomedical imaging.
Pressure Conversion Table
Pressure converter aids in quick unit conversions for pressure measurements in laboratory, classroom, or field settings.
Inverse Electron Demand Diels–Alder Reactions of 1,2,4,5-Tetrazines and 1,2,3-Triazines
The inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reactions of electron-deficient heterocycles are significant cycloaddition reactions for the total synthesis of natural products containing highly substituted and functionalized heteroaromatic ring systems.
As a versatile hydride reagent, 1-hydrosilatrane can be used in reduction reactions to synthesize alcohols, amines, their chiral counterparts, and esters from aldehydes/ketones.
Unnatural Amino Acids for Peptide Synthesis
Unnatural amino acids, the non-proteinogenic amino acids that either occur naturally or are chemically synthesized, are becoming more and more important as tools for modern drug discovery research.
Single-Electron Oxidation-Induced Chemical Transformations
This review outlines the sustainable reactions occurring through the SET mechanism, leading to the formation of carbon-carbon bonds and rearrangement of oxaziridines in photoredox catalysis using newly developed neutral silicon-based radical precursors.
VSEPR Chart | Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion Theory
Use our handy VSEPR chart to find the 3-D geometric VSEPR shapes of molecules and ions and learn about VSEPR theory and shapes.
Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation Reaction
The Baeyer-Villiger oxidation is the oxidative cleavage of a carbon-carbon bond adjacent to a carbonyl, which converts the ketones to esters and the cyclic ketones to lactones.
Schlenk Type Glassware
Designed for additions, chemical reactions, distillations, drying/evaporation, extractions, filtrations, recrystallizations, washing, degassing, and transfers of solids and liquids.
Periodic Table of the Elements
Download printable Periodic Table with element names, atomic mass, and numbers for quick reference and lab use.
Visible-Light-Mediated Reactions under Mild Conditions
This review provides a summary of recent approaches in developing green methods for visible-light-mediated reactions that operate under mild conditions and avoid the need for toxic transition-metal catalysts or harsh reaction conditions.