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Setting up the MilliSentials Lab Labeling System
The MilliSentials™ Lab Labeling System has been designed as a complete solution for laboratory labeling. As part of that solution we’ve put together a how-to-setup video, troubleshooting section, and list of materials to support the system.
Separation Options with Superose®
Separation options for Size Exclusion Chromatography with Superose from Cytiva.
Detergent Solubilization of Membrane Proteins
Detergents can mimic lipid bilayers and are common solubilizing agents for functional and structural investigation of membrane proteins. After solubilization, detergent removal is often necessary for further characterization.
Separation Options with Sephadex®
Separation options for Size Exclusion Chromatography with Sephadex from Cytiva.
Frequently Asked Questions About Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
See all frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).
Separation Options with Superdex®
Superdex® from Cytiva are Size Exclusion Chromatography media consisting of a composite base matrix of dextran and agarose. This page shows how to perform a separation with a Superdex® column.
Sephadex® and Darcy’s Law
Sephadex® from Cytiva and Darcy’s law in Size Exclusion Chromatography
Protease Inhibitors - Don't Lose Your Proteins During Sample Prep
Protease inhibitors are valuable and useful reagents for researchers who want to inhibit general degradation of proteins in tissue or cell extracts by endogenous proteases. During isolation and characterization, proteases may pose a threat to the fate of a protein
Milli-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 Ultrapure & Pure Lab Water Purification System
Milli-Q® IQ 7003/05/10/15 lab water systems provide consistent-quality Type 1 and Type 2 water, are intuitive to use, and can support your lab's sustainability goals.
How to Prep DNA and RNA using GenElute™-E Single Spin Purification Kits
Demo video showing how to purify DNA and RNA GenElute™-E single spin nucleic acid purification kits
GenElute™-E DNA and RNA Purification Kits
Animation showing technology principle of GenElute™-E single spin negative chromatography nucleic acid purification kits
Milli-Q® IQ 7000 Ultrapure Water System
Discover an ultrapure lab water system designed with you in mind. Intelligent, intuitive and connected, the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 system will simplify the way you work in the lab.
Dextran and Related Polysaccharides
Learn about C6H10O6 or dextran formation, classes and naming. Dextrans are polysaccharides with molecular weights ≥1,000 Dalton, which have a linear backbone of α-linked d-glucopyranosyl repeating units.
Agarose Beads for Immunoprecipitation and Antibody Purification
We manufacture IP and antibody purification agarose beads that purify immunoglobulins and IgG fractions. Our kits also provide a total antibody purification process
Separation Options with Sephacryl®
Separation options for Size Exclusion Chromatography with Sephacryl from Cytiva.
GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA Purification Kits for Green Labs
Reduce plastic waste and eliminate hazardous liquid waste for more sustainable laboratories with GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA prep kits.
GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA Purification Kits FAQs
Answers to frequently asked questions related to GenElute™-E single spin DNA and RNA purification and negative chromatography