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Food for thought: EN ISO 11133:2014
The new EN ISO 11133:2014 quality-assured culture media for food and water testing to enhance consumer safety. The ultimate aim of the new standard is to further improve the safety of the food and beverage products we consume.
Making Sense of Third Party Food Safety Certification
Food safety certification is not a legal requirement, but has become an industry standard for flavor ingredient suppliers. Third party certification helps organizations align their supply chains with global food safety standards and adjust to changing regional requirements.
Calculating Your Working Tolerance: A Guideline
Guideline to calculate your working tolerance - Certified Standard Solutions (CRM)
Kosher Manufacturing in the Food Industry
Kosher certification is a must have for most of the food industry. Segregation, cleaning, and cleanliness are key to meeting kosher requirements. Read our advice here.
Vanilla Regulations
Vanilla Regulations – The Law and the Labeling of the World’s Most Popular Flavor
Ultrapure Water for Food and Beverage Analysis by Ion Chromatography
View the suitability of Milli-Q® ultrapure water for the IC analysis of sugars and small organic acids in foods and beverages.
Drinking Water Testing by Ion Chromatography using Ultrapure Water
This study reviews the suitability of ultrapure water for the IC analysis of drinking water. Inorganic ions and disinfectant by-products (DBPs) were assessed.
Biotechnology and GMO Labeling Requirements
A look at biotechnology and labeling requirements for nootkatone and other flavor formulations in various regions.
Analysis of Lactose in Milk by HPLC-RI using Chromolith® NH2 Column
A new HPLC-RI method is proposed for the analysis of Lactose in milk using a Chromolith® NH2 column.
Clean Meat – How an Emerging Technology Will Be Regulated
A discussion of the regulation of cultured meat.
EN ISO 11133:2014 Quality-assured Culture Media for Food and Water Testing to Enhance Consumer Safety
EN ISO 11133:2014 - Mandatory standard for media preparation, production, storage and performance testing. In May 2014, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published the revised EN ISO 11133, which is now a full standard and as such, mandatory for
The Complex Regulatory Landscape for Natural Flavor Ingredients
A White Paper which explains the the Complex Regulatory Landscape for Natural Flavor Ingredients in the Food Industry.
EN ISO 11133 and Water for the Preparation and Performance Testing of Microbiological Culture Media
See how two water sources compare when preparing and performance testing microbiological culture media acc. to EN ISO 11133: centrally purified water vs. water from a Milli-Q® IX system were assessed. Tests included media specific for Listeria and Salmonella pathogens.