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Small Molecules Analysis and Quality Control

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Applications:Small Molecules Analysis and Quality Control
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Optimising the LC-MS Analysis of Biomolecules
We present an article concerning optimising the LC-MS analysis of biomolecules.
HPLC Troubleshooting Guide
Identify and correct common HPLC problems to restore column performance. Get help with peak problems (peak splitting, peak tailing, peak fronting, etc.), retention time, purge noise, and loss of resolution with example chromatograms.
Evaluation of Different Enzymes on Hydrolysis Efficiencies of Glucuronide Drug Metabolites in Urine
β-glucuronidase (GUS) enzymes are utilized to hydrolyze glucuronide (gluc) drug metabolites to the parent drug, facilitating analysis by LC-MS/MS.
Improving HILIC Mode Chromatography by Choosing the Proper Injection and Wash Solvent
Improving HILIC Mode Chromatography by Choosing the Proper Injection and Wash Solvent
Chromatographic Selectivity
Harnessing the Power of Chromatographic Selectivity
BIOshell™ A400 Protein C4 U/HPLC Columns
BIOshell™ A400 Protein C4 columns contain 3.4 μm particles with 400 Å pores, which are derivatized with dimethylbutyl silane and exhaustively endcapped for optimum protein recovery.
Analysis of Activated Nucleotide Sugars by LC-MS/MS
A sensitive LC-MS/MS quantitative method for the simultaneous analysis of highly polar 11 nucleotide activated sugars having similar structures and physicochemical properties using Supel™ Carbon LC column.
Extractables Studies of Single-Use Equipment Immediate Identification and Quantification of Unknown Extractables by GC/MS with a Certified Reference Material Mix for Extractables and Leachables
Identification and quantification of the most common extractables originating from single-use equipment by GC/MS and an Extractables and Leachables Screening Standard.
Rapid Analysis of Caffeinated Energy Drinks by HPLC on Ascentis® Express
The sample complexity makes it important to use highly-efficient, highly-selective phases and columns that are compatible with different detection systems to maximize the information from HPLC experiments. Ascentis Express Fused-Core® columns meet these requirements.
Applications of Newly Developed 2.7 μm Porous Graphitic Carbon Particles in U/HPLC
Polar graphitic carbon (2.7 μm) based Ultra/High-performance liquid chromatographic separation of four highly polar pesticides, two polar herbicides―paraquat & diquat, and Vitamin D and its metabolites.
Workflow for the Analysis of Polysorbate 80 in Erbitux® Formulation
A complete reversed phase HPLC-ELSD workflow, including sample preparation for the analysis of Polysorbate 80 in a monoclonal antibody formulation.
LC-MS/MS Analysis of N-Nitrosodimethylamine in Valsartan Dispersible Tablets using a Titan™ C18 UHPLC column
Learn about LC-MS/MS method development to quantify NDMA impurity in valsartan drug substance using Titan™ C18 column based UHPLC separation
Extractables Study with LC-UV/MS
Reliable identification and quantification of unknown extractables of a single-use system (SUS) with a 21 component CRM mix for liquid chromatography (LC-UV/MS) methods using Ascentis® C18 column.
Determination of N-Nitrosamines in Valsartan
Nitrosamines have been discovered as a serious contaminant group in active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) belonging to the sartan family. This article describes a GC-MS method for the determination of nitrosamines in Valsartan tablets according to US FDA guide lines that
Quantitative Analysis of Nitrosamine Impurities by LC-MS Methods from the United States Pharmacopeia General Chapter <1469>
This application note describes the LC-MS-based quantitative analysis of known nitrosamine impurities following procedures 1 and 3 as given in USP general chapter .
Efficient Analysis of Kava Extract: New phytochemical certified reference material mixes for ginger and kava
Learn more about our Kava CRM solution for use in quantitative and qualitative analysis of kavalactones and flavokavains in kava products to confirm their potency and authenticity.
HPLC Assay and Impurity Profiling Methods for Safinamide and Safinamide Related Impurities
A sensitive and reproducible HPLC-DAD method for the purity analysis of safinamide and its related impurities using an Ascentis® Express C8 column (150 x 4.6 mm, 5 μm), meeting the system suitability criteria.
Protein Binding Determination Using Supel™ BioSPME C18 Pin Device as Part of the Manual Methodology With and Without Shaking
The application note describes a comparative analysis of plasma protein binding results for free/bound drugs using two different sample extraction steps, with and without agitation.
Milliflex Oasis® Filtration System for Bioburden and Pharmaceutical Water Testing
The Milliflex Oasis® filtration system is a complete solution for monitoring in-process samples, water, filtrable raw materials, and finished products for bioburden and microbial limits testing. The system increases QC lab productivity while reducing the risk of false results.
Gabapentin Assay and Related Substances Following Ph. Eur. Monograph Using Purospher® STAR RP-18e HPLC Column
High-performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) determination of gabapentin and related substances according to Ph. Eur monograph using Purospher® STAR RP-18 endcapped column, 250 x 4.6 mm, 5 μm.
Piroxicam Capsules-Assay and Organic Impurities Following United States Pharmacopoeia Pending Forum Method
A reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (RP- HPLC) based quantitative assay and organic impurity analysis of Piroxicam in its capsule dosage form.