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History of Thin-Layer Chromatography
Thin layer chromatography
Determination of Ascorbic Acid and Dehydroascorbic Acid in Different Food Products and Supplements - A Simple HPTLC Based Approach
Simultaneous analysis of ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid in various food samples by High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC).
High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography: A Fast and Efficient Fingerprint Analysis Method for Medicinal Plants
In this article we present several HPTLC applications and analytical standards for ginsenosides.
Determination of Stevioside and Rebaudioside A in Stevia leaves, beverages and food additives using HPTLC-MS
HPTLC-MS was used to analyze stevioside and rebaudioside in artificial sweeteners, stevia plants, cola and isotonic drinks with a minimum of sample preparation.
Quantification of Methylglyoxal in Manuka Honey - A Simple HPTLC Based Approach
High-Performance Thin-Layer chromatography (HPTLC) quantification of methylglyoxal (MGO) in complex and matrix rich manuka honey offering quick sample preparation, high-matrix tolerance, and high-throughput.
Tips & Tricks for Thin-Layer Chromatography
Thin Layer Chromatography Troubleshooting: This article details TLC tips and tricks that one must consider while performing different steps of the technique.
Universal HPTLC Mix (UHM) for Simplified System Suitability Tests: A Novel Concept for HPTLC Suitability Test
Learn about our recently launched HPTLC calibration mix, developed in collaboration with CAMAG, that enables for an efficient and reliable universal system suitability testing (SST).
TLC Silica Gel 60 G Plates with Gypsum
TLC plates, with silica gel, gypsum as binder, International Pharmacopoeia compliant, for identification of Atenolol and Chlorthalidone in tablets.
Quantification of Bitter Acids in Hops by Thin Layer Chromatography
HPTLC separation followed by UV detection of the bitter acid content in various hop samples.