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Immunodetection Using BCIP/NBT Substrate
5-bromo-4-chloro-3-indolyl phosphate (BCIP)/nitro blue tetrazolium (NBT) is an ideal insoluble substrate for use with alkaline phosphatase. This system produces a blue-purple product. The intense color can be observed visually, is very stable, and will not fade upon exposure to light.
Prestige Antigens™—Blocking Protocol
Prestige Antigens™ and the corresponding Prestige Polyclonals or Monoclonals are recommended to use according to the standard Prestige Antigen-blocking protocol
Chemiluminescence Detection with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, and Amersham ECL Select
This page describes chemiluminescence detection of GST-tagged proteins with Amersham ECL, Amersham ECL Prime, and Amersham ECL Select from Cytiva.
30-minute Immunodetection Protocol Using the SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System
The SNAP i.d. 2.0 Protein Detection System is the second generation of the SNAP i.d. method for detecting immunoreactive proteins on Western blots.
Western Blotting Sample Preparation
Rules and good practice in sample preparation for Western blot sample preparation from cell culture and tissue samples.
Colorimetric Detection of Western blot using 4-Chloro-1-Naphthol Solution Protocol
This solution is used as a substrate for detecting horseradish-peroxidase conjugates in Western blotting.
Detection of GST-tagged Proteins with Western Blot
This page describes how to monitor expression and purification of GST-tagged proteins by Western blot analysis using Cytiva products.
Casein Blocking Buffer Protocol for Southern or Western Blotting
Protocol for using Casein Blocking Buffer in Southern and Western blotting applications, including colorimetric and chemiluminescent substrate detection options. Troubleshooting for optimizing signal and reducing background is also included.
Stripping and Reprobing Western Blotting Membranes
This page shows and discusses three protocols for stripping and reprobing a western blot membrane.
Gelatin Blocking Buffer for Direct Detection Southern or Western Blotting
In order to specifically detect an antigen or target molecule immobilized on a solid support, unoccupied binding sites on the support must be blocked against binding by probe and detection molecules.
Introduction to SDS-PAGE - Separation of Proteins Based on Size
Introduction to PAGE. Learn about SDS-PAGE background and protocol for the separation of proteins based on size in a poly-acrylamide gel.
Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction for Western Blotting
Protocol for sample preparation for cell lysis and efficient protein extraction from cultured tissues and cells for subsequent Western blotting.
Introduction to Western Blot Detection of Proteins
Western blotting involves protein separation by gel electrophoresis, protein transfer to a polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) or nitrocellulose membrane, and detection by various methods.
Western Blotting Protocol - Immunoblotting or Western Blot Protocol
Western blot protocol with workflow steps for different blot procedures, describing the electrophoretic transfer of proteins from SDS polyacrylamide gels to sheets of nitrocellulose. Also known as Immunoblotting protcol.