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Product Information Sheet - H0137
HT Media Supplement (50×) Hybri-Max® (H0137) - Product Information Sheet HYPOXANTHINE-THYMIDINE (HT) MEDIA SUPPLEMENT [50X] Product Number H0137 Storage Temperature -20°C Product Description
Product Information Sheet - H0262
diluted from the culture by several passages of the cells in hypoxanthine-thymidine (HT)[ Prod. No. H0137] supplemented medium (approximately 2-3 weeks) before transfer into normal hybridoma growth medium
EX-CELL Advanced CHO Fed-batch Medium Product Information Sheet
, before use in applications not requiring GS selection. 2. Add HT Media Supplement (Cat. No. H0137) before use in applications not requiring DHFR selection. Note: Shelf life of the product may
Product Information Sheet - CHODHFR
EX-CELL® CD CHO Fusion SAFC 14365C L-Glutamine (200mM) Sigma G7513 50X HT Media Supplement Sigma H0137 CHO Cloning Media Sigma C6366 Folinic Acid Sigma F7878 Pluronic F68 Sigma P5556 Dextran
Cell Culture Media 4CHO Sample Kit
deficient cell lines (non-DHFR CHO cells) add 1xHT (hypoxanthine/thymidine) supplement (Cat. No. H0137) prior use. 9 3.2 Screening trial samples and cell requirements Common trial working