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Integration of wetland wastewater treatment with disinfection via bioelectrochemical H2O2 production.
J B A Arends et al.
Communications in agricultural and applied biological sciences, 78(1), 173-177 (2013-07-24)
Diana G Eng et al.
Kidney international, 88(5), 999-1012 (2015-05-21)
As adult podocytes cannot adequately proliferate following depletion in disease states, there has been interest in the potential role of progenitors in podocyte repair and regeneration. To determine whether parietal epithelial cells (PECs) can serve as adult podocyte progenitors following
Henrieke Sievers et al.
Clinical hemorheology and microcirculation, 61(2), 367-383 (2015-10-08)
Human microvascular ECs from the neonatal foreskin of two donors purchased from one distributor were used in an angiogenesis assay under the same culture conditions. Different angiogenic potency was apparent in these two batches (ECang and ECnon-ang). During the cultivation
J A D Dela Cruz et al.
Journal of chemical neuroanatomy, 61-62, 64-71 (2014-07-16)
Hypoxia has been proposed as a mechanism underlying gene-environment interactions in the neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia, and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1) could mediate the interactions. In the current study, we analyzed the HIF-1 beta subunit, as formed by aryl hydrocarbon
Muhammad Bilal Shakoor et al.
Ecotoxicology and environmental safety, 109, 38-47 (2014-08-29)
Phytoextraction is an environmentally friendly and a cost-effective strategy for remediation of heavy metal contaminated soils. However, lower bioavailability of some of the metals in polluted environments e.g. lead (Pb) is a major constraint of phytoextraction process that could be
Björn Harink et al.
Electrophoresis, 36(3), 475-484 (2014-09-30)
We present here a screening method based on a microfluidic platform, which can generate four orthogonal and overlapping concentration gradients of soluble compounds over a monolayer of cells, in combination with automated and in situ image analysis, for use in
Lydia Herrmann et al.
PloS one, 10(3), e0119423-e0119423 (2015-03-24)
Defects in intracellular transport are implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Hook proteins are a family of cytoplasmic linker proteins that participate in endosomal transport. In this study we show that Hook1 and Hook3 are expressed in neurons
Tian Wang et al.
Toxicology mechanisms and methods, 24(8), 560-566 (2014-08-20)
Escin, a natural mixture of triterpenoid saponin isolated from the seed of the horse chestnut, is reported to have a potent antiulcer activity against ethanol-induced gastric mucosal lesions. This study investigated the possible mechanisms underlying the gastroprotective effect of escin
Xiaojin Zhang et al.
International journal of oncology, 46(3), 1141-1148 (2014-12-30)
Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women. The Notch signaling pathway has been shown to be associated with the development and progression of many human cancers, including breast cancer, but the precise mechanism remains unknown. Here, the influence
Mohammad Parwez Ahmad et al.
Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences, 28(2), 509-513 (2015-03-03)
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) induced oxidative stress and impairment of normal physiological function generally categorized by increased anxiety and reduced mobility. Therefore, the present study was to find out the effect Methanolic extract of Asparagus racemosus (MEAR ) in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced oxidative
Cristian Turato et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 17701-17701 (2015-12-05)
SerpinB3 has been recently described as an early marker of liver carcinogenesis, but the potential mechanistic role of this serpin in tumor development is still poorly understood. Overexpression of Myc often correlates with more aggressive tumour forms, supporting its involvement
Rushi Gandhi et al.
American journal of physiology. Renal physiology, 307(2), F205-F221 (2014-05-16)
Efficient clearance of apoptotic cells (efferocytosis) prevents inflammation and permits repair following tissue injury. Kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1) is a receptor for phosphatidylserine, an "eat-me" signal exposed on the surface of apoptotic cells that marks them for phagocytic clearance. KIM-1
Fernando Henrique Borba et al.
Environmental technology, 34(5-8), 653-661 (2013-07-11)
In this work, an optimized photo-Fenton process was applied to remove pollutants from tannery industrial effluent (TIE) with its final toxicity level being assessed by a lettuce-seed-based bioassay test. A full 33 factorial design was applied for the optimization of
Yuji Nakamaru et al.
Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 152(1), 48-52 (2014-11-21)
Many proinflammatory cytokines are regulated by the acetylation and deacetylation of the core histone. Since dysregulation of T helper 2 cytokine production is a key in the pathogenesis of allergic diseases, we examined the role of histone deacetylase (HDAC) on
Rana Barakat et al.
MicrobiologyOpen, 3(1), 1-14 (2013-12-07)
The blue-green phenazine, Pyocyanin (PYO), is a well-known virulence factor produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, notably during cystic fibrosis lung infections. It is toxic to both eukaryotic and bacterial cells and several mechanisms, including the induction of oxidative stress, have been
Fu-Chao Liu et al.
Shock (Augusta, Ga.), 43(5), 470-474 (2015-02-19)
Casodex (bicalutamide), an androgen receptor antagonist, is used for the treatment of prostate cancer. Recent evidences show that Akt signaling pathway exerts organ-protective effects after injury. The aim of this study was to investigate whether Akt plays any role in
W M K R T W Bandara et al.
Water environment research : a research publication of the Water Environment Federation, 85(5), 387-390 (2013-06-26)
The effectiveness of degasification using a degassing membrane to improve chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency was investigated using a bench-scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactor. Vacuum degasification was able to transfer dissolved gas in the bulk liquid of
Jingying Hou et al.
Experimental and molecular pathology, 96(3), 284-291 (2014-03-25)
Substantial evidence suggests that the expansion of regulatory T cells (T(regs)) plays a pivotal role in immunological evasion of tumors. Recent studies have demonstrated that a majority of tumor cells overexpress B7-H1, and this overexpression is associated with poor disease
Paula Santoyo-Ramos et al.
PloS one, 9(11), e112580-e112580 (2014-11-15)
This study examined the role played by hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs) in malignant phenotype maintenance and canonical Wnt signaling. Under normoxia, we determined that both HIF-1α and HIF-2α are expressed in human colon cancer cells but not in their non-malignant counterparts.
Samantha Jardon-Xicotencatl et al.
Toxins, 7(10), 4294-4314 (2015-10-30)
Aflatoxins, a group of extremely toxic mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus flavus, A. parasiticus and A. nomius, can occur as natural contaminants of certain agricultural commodities, particularly maize. These toxins have been shown to be hepatotoxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic and cause severe
Angela Zanatta et al.
Life sciences, 93(4), 161-168 (2013-06-29)
Cerebellar ataxia is commonly observed in hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome, an inherited metabolic disorder biochemically characterized by ornithine (Orn), homocitrulline (Hcit) and ammonia accumulation. Since the pathophysiology of cerebellum damage in this disorder is still unknown, we investigated the effects of
Tilman D Rachner et al.
Breast cancer research : BCR, 16(1), R20-R20 (2014-02-18)
Amino-bisphosphonates and statins inhibit the mevalonate pathway, and may exert anti-tumor effects. The Wnt inhibitor dickkopf-1 (DKK-1) promotes osteolytic bone lesions by inhibiting osteoblast functions and has been implicated as an adverse marker in multiple cancers. We assessed the effects
Rikang Wang et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 16(9), 22350-22367 (2015-09-22)
Gardenamide A (GA) protects the rat retinal ganglion (RGC-5) cells against cell apoptosis induced by H₂O₂. The protective effect of GA was completely abrogated by the specific phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) inhibitor LY294002, and the specific protein kinase B (Akt) inhibitor
Bin Liu et al.
Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology, 63(6), 567-576 (2014-02-05)
Recent studies show that resveratrol exerts beneficial effects on prevention of pulmonary hypertension. This study is performed to explore the effects of trimethoxystilbene, a novel resveratrol analog, on rat pulmonary vascular remodeling and right ventricular hypertrophy in hypoxia-induced pulmonary arterial
Nora L Krutz et al.
Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology, 147(2), 515-523 (2015-07-18)
The monoterpene ascaridole, a fairly stable endoperoxide found in essential oils such as tea tree oil can provoke allergic contact dermatitis which has been evidenced under patch test conditions. However, concomitantly we observed irritative skin reactions that demand further data
Takashi Nojiri et al.
Pulmonary pharmacology & therapeutics, 29(1), 24-30 (2014-01-28)
We recently reported that administration of atrial natriuretic peptide during the perioperative period has prophylactic effects with respect to not only cardiovascular but also respiratory complications following pulmonary resection. However, its mechanisms are not well understood. The objective of the
Ricardo Cabezas et al.
Neurotoxicity research, 27(4), 355-367 (2014-12-18)
Rotenone is one of the most-studied neurotoxic substances as it induces oxidative stress processes both in cellular and animal models. Rotenone affects ATP generation, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and mitochondrial membrane potential in neurons and astrocyte-like cells. Previous epidemiologic
Dong-Hee Choi et al.
PloS one, 10(1), e0116814-e0116814 (2015-01-27)
The molecular mechanism underlying the selective vulnerability of neurons to oxidative damage caused by ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury remains unknown. We sought to determine the role of NADPH oxidase 1 (Nox1) in cerebral I/R-induced brain injury and survival of newborn cells
Diana Amorim et al.
PloS one, 9(11), e113077-e113077 (2014-11-19)
In chronic pain disorders, galanin (GAL) is able to either facilitate or inhibit nociception in the spinal cord but the contribution of supraspinal galanin to pain signalling is mostly unknown. The dorsomedial nucleus of the hypothalamus (DMH) is rich in
Ramesh Kumar et al.
Environmental technology, 35(13-16), 2018-2027 (2014-06-25)
Nanofiltration (NF) of ammoniacal wastewater containing phenol and cyanide has been investigated for effective separation of these hazardous pollutants and for the subsequent downstream chemical treatment resulting in valuable by-product generation. Four different types of composite polyamide commercial NF membranes
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