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E M Finney et al.
The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 18(21), 8826-8838 (1998-10-24)
Subplate neurons are early-generated neurons that project into the overlying neocortex and are required for the formation of ocular dominance columns. A subset of subplate neurons express nitric oxide synthase (NOS) and produce nitric oxide (NO), a neuronal messenger thought
Ran Wang et al.
Bio-protocol, 7(14), e2394-e2394 (2017-07-20)
Specialized secretory cells known as goblet cells in the intestine and respiratory epithelium are responsible for the secretion of mucins. Mucins are large heavily glycosylated proteins and typically have a molecular mass higher than 106 Da. These large proteins are
Florence A Arts et al.
Human pathology, 70, 98-104 (2017-10-29)
Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women worldwide and has the highest mortality amongst gynecological cancers. miRNAs are a class of non-coding RNAs, approximately 22 nt long, that negatively regulate gene expression and have roles in cell
Nicole M Hijnen et al.
International journal of hyperthermia : the official journal of European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology, North American Hyperthermia Group, 28(2), 141-155 (2012-02-18)
We report on the design, performance, and specifications of a dedicated set-up for the treatment of rats on a clinical magnetic resonance high intensity focused ultrasound (MR-HIFU) system. The small animal HIFU-compatible 4-channel MR receiver volume coil and animal support
Jin Seop Ahn et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 19(10) (2018-10-03)
Myosin heavy chain (MyHC) isoforms consist of Myh7, Myh2, Myh1, and Myh4, which are expressed in skeletal muscle tissues during postnatal development. These genes influence the contraction⁻relaxation activity in skeletal muscles and are involved in determining muscle composition such as
Ágnes Cséplő et al.
International journal of molecular sciences, 22(11) (2021-07-03)
The Arabidopsis AtCRK5 protein kinase is involved in the establishment of the proper auxin gradient in many developmental processes. Among others, the Atcrk5-1 mutant was reported to exhibit a delayed gravitropic response via compromised PIN2-mediated auxin transport at the root
Pablo Gómez-Ochoa et al.
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology, 146(1), 97-99 (2012-03-01)
The nitroblue tetrazolium reduction test (NBT) is an assay based on the activation percentage of neutrophils in peripheral blood, that has been proposed for the follow up of canine leishmaniosis owing to the narrow relationship between the molecules involved in
M S Akhtar et al.
Journal of animal physiology and animal nutrition, 96(4), 581-590 (2011-06-23)
A sixty-day feeding trial was carried out to elucidate the effect of dietary pyridoxine (PN) on hemato-immunological parameters in Labeo rohita fingerlings exposed to an elevated temperature (ET) of 33 °C. Two hundred and seventy fingerlings (6.71 ± 0.32 g)
Ruth C R Meex et al.
American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism, 308(11), E960-E970 (2015-04-09)
Emerging evidence indicates that skeletal muscle lipid droplets are an important control point for intracellular lipid homeostasis and that regulating fatty acid fluxes from lipid droplets might influence mitochondrial capacity. We used pharmacological blockers of the major triglyceride lipases, adipose
Yong-Guang Gong et al.
Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 382(1), 165-170 (2009-03-10)
Leydig cells are the primary source of testosterone in adult males. Recently, a growing body of evidence has shown that testicular innervation functions as a major regulator in Leydig cell steroidogenesis. The question then arises whether this novel regulatory pathway
Substrates for cytochemical demonstration of enzyme activity. II. Some dihalo-3-indolyl phosphates and sulfates.
J P Horwitz et al.
Journal of medicinal chemistry, 9(3), 447-447 (1966-05-01)
Emma L Mead et al.
Journal of neurochemistry, 121(2), 287-301 (2012-01-17)
Microglia express three isoforms of the NADPH oxidase, Nox1, Nox2 and Nox4, with the potential to produce superoxide (O(2) ˙(-) ). Microglia also express neurotransmitter receptors, which can modulate microglial responses. In this study, microglial activity of Nox1, Nox2 and
Night light-adaptation strategies for photosynthetic apparatus in yellow-poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.) exposed to artificial night lighting
Kwak MJ, et al.
Forests, 9(2), 74-74 (2018)
Luttmann W
Immunology, The Experimenter Series (2006)
Emman Shubbar et al.
Breast cancer research and treatment, 134(1), 71-80 (2011-12-23)
Psoriasin (S100A7), originally identified in psoriasis, is a calcium-binding protein belonging to the multigenic S100 family. In high-grade ductal carcinoma in situ, psoriasin was identified as one of the most abundant transcripts. We have previously shown that psoriasin was induced
Renzo F Martino et al.
Mycoses, 54(6), e718-e725 (2011-05-28)
Larrea divaricata Cav. (jarilla) is a plant with well-documented applications in folk medicine in Argentina. In this study, we aimed to evaluate functional parameters of peritoneal macrophages isolated from mice injected with three fractions (F1, F2 and F3) of L.
K S Senathilake et al.
Experimental parasitology, 177, 13-21 (2017-03-30)
Absence of a drug that kills adult filarial parasites remains the major challenge in eliminating human lymphatic filariasis (LF); the second leading cause of long-term and permanent disability. Thus, the discovery of novel antifilarial natural products with potent adulticidal activity
Juan José Dorantes-Aranda et al.
PloS one, 10(7), e0133549-e0133549 (2015-07-22)
Quantification of the role of reactive oxygen species, phycotoxins and fatty acids in fish toxicity by harmful marine microalgae remains inconclusive. An in vitro fish gill (from rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss) assay was used to simultaneously assess the effect in
Paclitaxel inhibits expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase and prevents mitochondrial dysfunction in spinal ventral horn in rats after C7 spinal root avulsion
Onler MDF
Turkish Neurosurgery, 25(4), 617-624 (2015)
Chirag Vasavda et al.
Cell chemical biology, 26(10), 1450-1460 (2019-07-30)
Bilirubin is one of the most frequently measured metabolites in medicine, yet its physiologic roles remain unclear. Bilirubin can act as an antioxidant in vitro, but whether its redox activity is physiologically relevant is unclear because many other antioxidants are far
Kwok Ki Ho et al.
Biochemical pharmacology, 76(5), 690-696 (2008-07-24)
Cyclophosphamides are pro-drugs whose killing agent is produced from an aldehyde that is formed by the action of a P450 oxidation step. The mustard from the aldehyde can destroy bone marrow cells as well as the tumor. Aldehyde dehydrogenase (EC
Sevdan Yılmaz et al.
Fish & shellfish immunology, 78, 140-157 (2018-04-24)
The present study investigated the effects of dietary trans-cinnamic acid (CA) on pre- and post-challenge haematological, serum biochemical, non-specific immune and head kidney gene expression responses of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss juveniles. In this regard, fish with an average weight
Martina Chrisam et al.
Autophagy, 11(12), 2142-2152 (2015-11-14)
Autophagy is a self-degradative process responsible for the clearance of damaged or unnecessary cellular components. We have previously found that persistence of dysfunctional organelles due to autophagy failure is a key event in the pathogenesis of COL6/collagen VI-related myopathies, and
Nina Orfali et al.
Molecular oncology, 14(6), 1297-1309 (2019-12-11)
Ubiquitin/ISG15-conjugating enzyme E2L6 (UBE2L6) is a critical enzyme in ISGylation, a post-translational protein modification that conjugates the ubiquitin-like modifier, interferon-stimulated gene 15 (ISG15), to target substrates. Previous gene expression studies in acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) cells showed that all-trans-retinoic acid
Insights into the unique torpor of Botrylloides leachi, a colonial urochordate
Hyams Y, et al.
Developmental Biology, 428(1), 101-117 (2017)
Xilin Cui et al.
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 16(4), 1927-1947 (2007-12-15)
We have previously reported that sulfated cyclodextrins inhibit the invasion of Plasmodium merozoites by interacting with receptors present on the surface of erythrocytes. The observation that tetrazolium salts formed stable complexes with the inhibitory sulfated cyclodextrins suggested that tetrazolium salts
Javier A Urra et al.
PloS one, 9(11), e112834-e112834 (2014-11-18)
Dopamine is a catecholamine with multiple physiological functions, playing a key role in nervous system; however its participation in reproductive processes and sperm physiology is controversial. High dopamine concentrations have been reported in different portions of the feminine and masculine
I G Gerasimov
Klinicheskaia laboratornaia diagnostika, (4)(4), 42-44 (2011-07-09)
By analyzing the data available in the literature, the author shows new capacities of the nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) test in the diagnosis of neonatal diseases and conditions. The findings versus the, data obtained in adult patients are characterized. The NBT
Jian-Wei Ye et al.
Journal of integrative plant biology, 54(2), 87-98 (2012-02-23)
Gene expression in chloroplasts is regulated by many nuclear-encoded proteins. In this study, we isolated a rice (Oryza sativa subsp. japonica) mutant osotp51 with significant reduction in photosystem I (PSI). The osotp51 is extremely sensitive to light and accumulates a
Marine invertebrates cross phyla comparisons reveal highly conserved immune machinery.
Oren M
Immunology, 218, 484-484 (2013)
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