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Toluidine Blue Staining Protocol for Millicell® Inserts
Toluidine blue selectively stains nuclear material and acidic tissue components, aiding in histological staining for tissues rich in DNA/RNA.
Microscopic Examination of Samples
This protocol covers 3 modes for the microscopic examination of cell samples.
Indirect Co-culture of Embryonic Stem Cells with Embryonic Fibroblasts
This page covers the indirect co-culture of embryonic stem cells with embryonic fibroblasts.
Basic Indirect Co-culture on Both Sides of Millicell® Cell Culture Insert Membranes
This page covers the basic indirect co-culture procedure on both sides of Millicell cell culture insert membranes.
ECM Coating Protocols for Millicell®
This page covers the ECM coating protocols developed for four types of ECMs on Millicell®-CM inserts, Collagen Type 1, Fibronectin, Laminin, and Matrigel.