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Regulation of cellular iron metabolism
Wang J and Pantopoulos K
The Biochemical Journal, 434(3), 365-381 (2011)
Peina Wang et al.
Cell death & disease, 12(5), 447-447 (2021-05-07)
Ischaemic stroke is becoming the most common cerebral disease in aging populations, but the underlying molecular mechanism of the disease has not yet been fully elucidated. Increasing evidence has indicated that an excess of iron contributes to brain damage in
1.6 Mb deletion in chromosome band 3q29 associated with eye abnormalities
Tyshchenko N, et al.
European Journal of Medical Genetics, 52(2-3), 128-130 (2009)
Divya Teja Dondapati et al.
Membranes, 11(12) (2021-12-24)
The cellular prion protein (PrPC) is renowned for its infectious conformational isoform PrPSc, capable of templating subsequent conversions of healthy PrPCs and thus triggering the group of incurable diseases known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Besides this mechanism not being fully
Transferrin receptor gene and protein expression and localization in human IUGR and normal term placentas
Mando C, et al.
Placenta, 32(1), 44-50 (2011)
Iron-loaded deferiprone can support full hemoglobinization of cultured red blood cells.
Gallego-Murillo, et al.
Scientific Reports, 13, 6960-6960 (2023)
Peina Wang et al.
Antioxidants (Basel, Switzerland), 11(7) (2022-07-28)
Blood-brain barrier (BBB) breakdown, a characteristic feature of ischemic stroke, contributes to poor patient outcomes. Brain microvascular endothelial cells (BMVECs) are a key component of the BBB and dysfunction or death of these cells following cerebral ischemia reperfusion (I/R) injury
Patrizia Sarogni et al.
ACS pharmacology & translational science, 4(3), 1227-1234 (2021-06-22)
Preclinical cancer research increasingly demands sophisticated models for the development and translation of efficient and safe cancer treatments to clinical practice. In this regard, tumor-grafted chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) models are biological platforms that account for the dynamic roles of the
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