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Acrylamide in Food
Acrylamide analysis has been a very hot topic since the chemical was identified in food in 2002 by researchers at the Swedish National Food Administration.
Determination of Bisphenol A in Drinking Water
A comprehensive sample preparation and analytical procedure was developed by Supelco for determining BPA in drinking water.
Laboratory Sample Collection
Protect and manage your samples with solutions including vials, tubes, bottles, dishes, plates, boxes, and racks for collection, transport, tracing, and storage needs.
Grinders & Homogenizers
A comprehensive range of laboratory mills, grinders, sonicators, and homogenizers for coarse, medium, fine, and ultrafine size reduction of almost any material for biological, chemical, and physical applications.
Sample Preparation by Filtration
Filtration separates substances based on physical or chemical properties. Lab samples are routinely filtered before analysis to reduce sample complexity and increase analyte purity. This allows scientists to generate higher quality analytical results.
Bacterial Retention Testing
Required by regulatory bodies worldwide, bacterial retention testing (BRT) is a critical step in filter validation. Our skilled validation specialists conduct BRT using each end-user’s worst-case biopharmaceutical processing conditions to ensure a best-case outcome.
Filter Integrity Testing
Our integrity testing for sterilizing-grade filters can help you set a test specification for your drug product, then check for leaks or filter damage using pre-use and post-use testing as recommended or required by regulatory agencies and the Parenteral Drug
Extractables and Leachables
Proving that extractables and leachables from your process aren’t harmful to the final drug product is easier with BioReliance® Validation Services. Our extractables and leachables (E&L) services thoroughly evaluate all contact materials and processes to mitigate concerns about process fluids.
Validation Service Levels
Discover an easier way to global compliance with our validation services, simplifying your process from the start with two predefined service levels and globally harmonized testing.
Contact Lens & Dental Manufacturing
Contact lens and dental manufacturing employ biocompatible materials and innovative techniques to make ophthalmic and oral devices for therapeutic and cosmetic applications.
Chemical Compatibility Testing
Our physical and chemical compatibility testing services help you comply with GMP guidelines worldwide, proving that your biopharmaceutical filters and single-use systems are not reactive, additive, or absorptive upon contact with drug product.
Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a technique used for rapid, selective sample preparation and purification prior to chromatographic analysis (e.g. HPLC, GC, TLC). SPE is used to exchange sample matrices, concentrate analytes, and remove interferences and contaminants to improve
Milli-Q® Lab Water Purification Consumables
Genuine Milli-Q® consumables support long water purification system lifetime & ensure consistent lab water quality—from pretreatment, purification and polishing to storage and distribution.