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A high-content image-based method for quantitatively studying context-dependent cell population dynamics.
Garvey CM
Scientific Reports, 6, 29752-29752 (2016)
Ruoxiang Wang et al.
The Prostate, 80(3), 274-283 (2019-12-18)
We previously determined that cancer-stromal interaction was a direct route to tumor cell heterogeneity progression, since cancer-stromal cell fusion in coculture resulted in the creation of heterogeneous clones of fusion hybrid progeny. In this report, we modified the cancer-stromal coculture
Esperanza Martín-Sánchez et al.
PloS one, 9(11), e112148-e112148 (2014-11-12)
Currently, there is no efficient therapy for patients with peripheral T cell lymphoma (PTCL). The Proviral Integration site of Moloney murine leukemia virus (PIM) kinases are important mediators of cell survival. We aimed to determine the therapeutic value of PIM
Two-Photon Microscopy Analysis of Gold Nanoparticle Uptake in 3D Cell Spheroids.
Rane TD and Armani AM
PLoS ONE, 11(12) (2016)
Chi-Li Chiu et al.
Scientific reports, 6, 22435-22435 (2016-03-05)
The androgen receptor (AR) pathway plays a central role in prostate cancer (PCa) growth and progression and is a validated therapeutic target. In response to ligand binding AR translocates to the nucleus, though the molecular mechanism is not well understood.
Sabina Honisch et al.
Oncotarget, 6(12), 10309-10319 (2015-04-15)
Chorein encoded by VPS13A (vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 13A) is defective in chorea-acanthocytosis. Chorein fosters neuronal cell survival, cortical actin polymerization and cell stiffness. In view of its anti-apoptotic effect in neurons, we explored whether chorein is expressed in cancer
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