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Jigna Shah et al.
Applied and environmental microbiology, 80(22), 6943-6953 (2014-09-07)
Salmonella encounters various stresses in the environment and in the host during infection. The effects of cold (5°C, 48 h), peroxide (5 mM H2O2, 5 h) and acid stress (pH 4.0, 90 min) were tested on pathogenicity of Salmonella. Prior
K Kratz-Owens et al.
Journal of cataract and refractive surgery, 17(5), 608-612 (1991-09-01)
Cryorefractive surgeries, keratomileusis, keratophakia, and epikeratophakia cause destruction of keratocytes, which may result in postoperative corneal haze. We examined the effects of two cryoprotectants on keratocyte survival following freeze injury. We compared the ability of CPTES and the standard cryoprotectant
Jürgen Gäb et al.
Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 878(17-18), 1382-1390 (2010-02-23)
Buffering compounds like TRIS are frequently used in chemical, biochemical and biomedical applications to control pH in solution. One of the prerequisites of a buffer compound, in addition to sufficient buffering capacity and pH stability over time, is its non-reactivity
R H Martin et al.
Biology of reproduction, 47(2), 268-270 (1992-08-01)
Human sperm karyotypes can be prepared after fusion of human sperm with Golden hamster oocytes. Most laboratories use one of two methods of sperm capacitation: incubation of freshly-ejaculated sperm in Biggers, Whitten, and Whittingham (BWW) medium for 5-7 h at
C Sawetawan et al.
Fertility and sterility, 60(4), 706-710 (1993-10-01)
To find alternative cryopreservation methods to improve the post-thaw fertilizing capacity of poor quality human sperm. Controlled clinical study. Fertility clinic of a teaching hospital. Men with poor quality semen samples, i.e., asthenozoospermia (< 40% motile sperm) and/or oligozoospermia (<
Erin A McClure et al.
Journal of substance abuse treatment, 53, 39-46 (2015-01-18)
The majority of patients enrolled in treatment for substance use disorders (SUDs) also use tobacco. Many will continue to use tobacco even during abstinence from other drugs and alcohol, often leading to smoking-related illnesses. Despite this, little research has been
Yikang Wu et al.
Organic letters, 4(13), 2141-2144 (2002-06-21)
[reaction: see text] In DMSO cleavage of triethylsilyl (TES) ethers by o-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX) was significantly faster than cleavage of tert-butyldimethylsilyl (TBS) ethers or further oxidation into carbonyl compounds. In most cases, TES protecting groups could be removed in good
Martina Pasini et al.
New biotechnology, 33(1), 78-90 (2015-09-04)
The over-expression of proteins in recombinant host cells often requires a significant amount of resources causing an increase in the metabolic load for the host. This results in a variety of physiological responses leading to altered growth parameters, including growth
M J Taylor et al.
The British journal of ophthalmology, 73(10), 781-791 (1989-10-01)
Preservation solutions for short-term storage of isolated donor corneas for use in penetrating keratoplasty have all been based on tissue culture medium, on the assumption that media designed to maintain the viability of cells at physiological temperatures will also provide
Hao Li et al.
Organic letters, 9(6), 965-968 (2007-02-15)
A conjugate addition-aldol-dehydration reaction of alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes with 2-N-protected amino benzaldehydes has been developed. The process is promoted by (S)-diphenylprolinol TES ether to afford synthetically useful 1,2-dihydroquinolines in high enantioselectivities with good yields. [reaction: see text]
Alan J Ryan et al.
Biomaterials, 73, 296-307 (2015-10-04)
Biomaterials with the capacity to innately guide cell behaviour while also displaying suitable mechanical properties remain a challenge in tissue engineering. Our approach to this has been to utilise insoluble elastin in combination with collagen as the basis of a
L P Fong et al.
The British journal of ophthalmology, 70(10), 751-760 (1986-10-01)
Rabbit corneas were frozen and thawed by three methods and compared by full thickness transplantation as well as specular microscopy, histology, and transmission electron microscopy. Two of the methods used a recently described technique, in which the excised cornea was
Isolation of Tomato Fruit Chromoplasts and Determination of ATP Levels
Hernandez-Gras F, et al.
The Plant Journal, 18(1), 54-54 (2013)
Huan Yang et al.
International journal of nanomedicine, 10, 4947-4955 (2015-09-09)
Gelatinous Chinese medicines made from mammalian skin or horn or reptile shell are a very important type of animal-derived Chinese medicine. They have been extensively used either as both hemopoietic and hemostatic agents to treat vertigo, palpitation, hematuria, and insomnia
Su-Guo Yu et al.
International journal of clinical and experimental pathology, 8(4), 3681-3690 (2015-06-23)
This study was performed to investigate bone deteriorations of diabetic mice in response to the treatment of ursolic acid derivative (UAD). The biomarkers in serum and urine were measured, tibias were taken for the measurement on gene and protein expression
G M Randall et al.
Gastroenterology, 96(5 Pt 1), 1274-1281 (1989-05-01)
Excellent clinical results have been reported with sclerotherapy for control of nonvariceal gastrointestinal hemorrhage. However, there are few controlled or comparative data on different sclerosing agents for treatment of lesions with active arterial bleeding or nonbleeding visible vessels. In a
Carlos Ramón Bautista-Garfias et al.
Parasitology international, 64(5), 319-323 (2015-05-06)
The effect of Lactobacillus casei administered along with a live attenuated vaccine vs. bovine babesiosis (VAC) on induction of IgG1 and IgG2 antibodies to Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina was assessed by the indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT) in bovines
Fei Wang et al.
Current biology : CB, 30(19), 3749-3760 (2020-08-17)
The mating decisions of Drosophila melanogaster females are primarily revealed through either of two discrete actions: opening of the vaginal plates to allow copulation, or extrusion of the ovipositor to reject the male. Both actions are triggered by the male
Yi-Rui Wu et al.
Scientific reports, 5, 10521-10521 (2015-05-23)
Cellvibrio mixtus strain J3-8 is a gram-negative, xylanase-producing aerobic soil bacterium isolated from giant snails in Singapore. It is able to produce up to 10.1 U ml(-1) of xylanase, which is comparable to xylanase production from known bacterial and fungal
Ying-Jung J Lai et al.
PloS one, 10(7), e0132163-e0132163 (2015-07-15)
The gene product of SPINT 2, that encodes a transmembrane, Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor independently designated as HAI-2 or placenta bikunin (PB), is involved in regulation of sodium absorption in human gastrointestinal track. Here, we show that SPINT 2 is
A T Palasz et al.
Theriogenology, 70(9), 1461-1470 (2008-08-05)
The effect of the zwitterionic buffers HEPES, TES and MOPS and of PBS used for out-of-incubator procedures during standard in vitro embryo production on bovine oocytes and embryo development, morphology and on the expression patterns of eight selected genes: Fgf-4
N Sugiyama et al.
Molecular reproduction and development, 58(1), 30-38 (2001-01-06)
The growth, differentiation, and death/survival of spermatogonia are precisely regulated for the proper production of spermatozoa. We have previously shown that Bcl-2 ectopically expressed in spermatogonia caused the inhibition of normal spermatogonial apoptosis and the subsequent failure of differentiation in
Afsaneh Hamedi et al.
Molecular and biochemical parasitology, 200(1-2), 9-18 (2015-04-29)
The Trypanosoma cruzi adenylyl cyclase (AC) multigene family encodes different isoforms (around 15) sharing a variable large N-terminal domain, which is extracellular and receptor-like, followed by a transmembrane helix and a conserved C-terminal catalytic domain. It was proposed that these
J Tamayo-Canul et al.
Animal reproduction science, 129(3-4), 188-199 (2011-12-06)
Post-mortem sperm recovery and cryopreservation could be a complement to germplasm banking in sheep, especially for endangered breeds. This study is an attempt to identify factors for improving the success of cryopreserving ram epididymal spermatozoa, considering the decrease of sperm
Ewa Długosz et al.
Parasitology research, 114(9), 3365-3371 (2015-06-06)
The effect of Toxocara larval antigens on cytokine secretion by mouse splenocytes was studied in vitro. Recombinant mucins were produced in Pichia pastoris yeast, and Toxocara excretory-secretory (TES) antigens were collected from in vitro culture of L2 larvae. Tc-MUC-2, Tc-MUC-3
Intraoperative neurophysiology in posterior fossa tumor surgery in children.
Francesco Sala et al.
Child's nervous system : ChNS : official journal of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery, 31(10), 1791-1806 (2015-09-10)
P Stanic et al.
European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology, 91(1), 65-70 (2000-05-19)
To evaluate the influence of cryopreservation medium and freezing-thawing techniques on human sperm motility and morphology. 63 semen samples were obtained from 39 donors to the artificial insemination programme. Possible effects of the sperm dilution with cryomedium on the motility
Seong Ho Kang et al.
Electrophoresis, 27(21), 4149-4157 (2006-09-27)
A transmitted-light optical microscope using differential interference contrast (DIC) was employed to follow the real-time dynamics of different kb-sized single native dsDNA molecules without fluorescent-dye labeling. In a PDMS/glass microchip, the electrophoretic migration velocities of large dsDNA molecules are lower
Alexandra Petruş et al.
Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology, 93(9), 811-818 (2015-09-02)
A substantial body of evidence indicates that pharmacological activation of mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium channels (mKATP) in the heart is protective in conditions associated with ischemia/reperfusion injury. Several mechanisms have been postulated to be responsible for cardioprotection, including the modulation of
Anti-aging potential of extracts from Sclerocarya birrea (A. Rich.) Hochst and its chemical profiling by UPLC-Q-TOF-MS
Shoko T, et al.
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 18(1), 54-54 (2018)
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