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Optimize monoclonal antibody downstream processing with single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF). Eliminate hold tanks, enhance efficiency, and achieve high concentrations.
Nanoparticle Ultrafiltration
Filtration methods and membrane filter selection in nanoparticle purification and production.
Ultrafiltration & Diafiltration
Ultrafiltration & diafiltration are important steps throughout bioprocessing to increase capacity, concentration, and recovery. Increasingly, single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) is being implemented in continuous or intensified processes to reduce in-line volumes.
Protein Sample Ultrafiltration
This page discusses the principles and benefits of using ultrafiltration membranes in protein sample preparation. Possible applications include solvent exchange, protein sample concentration, or sample purification.
Virus Concentration by Ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration using Amicon® Ultra centrifugal devices for concentrating virus in preparation of high titer virus stocks and isolation of virus from samples.
A Simple Strategy for Protein Enrichment Using Ultrafiltration
The human plasma proteome is a vast resource for biomarker discovery and investigation.
High Concentration Ultrafiltration: Formulation Challenges & Mitigation Strategies
Are you working on a high concentration mAb subcutaneous formulation? Join us to find out how to overcome buffer offsets in the formulation UF-DF step.
Process Development and Intensification for Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration of Viral Vectors
In this webinar, we will explore two operating strategies, transmembrane pressure (TMP) and permeate control, while considering their impact on process time, viral yield, and impurity removal.
Ultrafiltration/Diafiltration (UF/DF) in Plasmid DNA Manufacturing
How are ultrafiltration and diafiltration used in plasmid DNA manufacturing and how should you optimize this process? Learn more in our technical article and download our free eBook.
Rapid, Ultrafiltration-based Method for Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies Using the Centricon® Plus-70 Device
Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) continue to gain importance as therapeutic and diagnostic agents for many cancers. The process of screening hybridoma libraries for candidate MAbs typically requires several days to complete and can be labor-intensive when evaluating multiple MAbs in parallel.
Protein Concentration & Buffer Exchange
Overview of techniques used to concentrate and clarify protein samples for purification, bioprocessing, and analysis workflows. Includes protocols and videos for filtration and ultrafiltration techniques, protein enrichment, and desalting and buffer exchange using dialysis, diafiltration, and chromatography methods.
Laboratory Concentration Devices
Centrifugal and pressurized ultrafiltration devices for high recovery protein concentration and concentration of other biological and environmental samples in preparation for downstream applications.
Antibody Protein Purification
Antibody purification resins and prepacked columns for lab scale, process scale, and industry scale workflows.
Clean-up of Antibody Labeling Reactions Using Amicon Ultra Filters
Using a standard Amicon® Ultra centrifugal filter, a few rounds of diafiltration can efficiently remove unincorporated label from an antibody labeling reaction without diluting the sample.
Biotinylated Protein Purification
Streptavidin and avidin resins and prepacked columns for small- to large-scale purification of biotinylated proteins and antibodies.
Amicon® Centrifugals
Our ultrafiltration devices offer protein concentration, desalting, buffer exchange, separation, and diafiltration for biological and environmental samples for downstream applications.
Sample Preparation by Filtration
Filtration separates substances based on physical or chemical properties. Lab samples are routinely filtered before analysis to reduce sample complexity and increase analyte purity. This allows scientists to generate higher quality analytical results.
Laboratory Dialysis & Diafiltration Devices
Dialyzers, centrifugal ultrafiltration devices, and stirred cells for buffer exchange, dialysis, desalting, and diafiltration of 10 µL – 1,200 mL sample volumes.
Introduction to Concentration and Buffer Exchange using Amicon® Stirred Cells
The Amicon® Stirred Cell family of pressure-driven filtration devices provide an ideal solution for concentrating and buffer-exchanging large volumes of macrosolutes. These devices are available in multiple sizes to offer a wide range of processing volumes.
Protein Mass Spectrometry
To meet your mass spectrometry needs, explore our comprehensive offering of kits, tagging reagents, calibrants, and MS standards.
Sample Purification
A range of purification methods may be used to prepare a sample prior to downstream analysis. Purification reduces sample complexity, removes interferences, and concentrates an analyte before analysis.
Large volume concentration and diafiltration with Amicon® Stirred Cells
Demonstrating the effective use of Amicon Stirred Cell for large volume concentration through diafiltration.
DNA sequencing reagents and tools for Sanger sequencing methods, DNA primers, probes, and additional nucleic acid sequencing applications.
Protein Expression
Protein expression technologies for expressing recombinant proteins in E. coli, insect, yeast, and mammalian expression systems for fundamental research and the support of therapeutics and vaccine production.
Water for Clinical Chemistry
Water for Clinical Chemistry
Protein Pull-Down
Pull-down assays, reagents, and protocols for investigating in vitro protein-protein interactions using affinity or GST pull-down, tandem affinity purification (TAP), and co-immunoprecipitation methods.
Protein Labeling & Modification
Protein labeling applications using enzyme-protein labeling, fluorescent protein labeling, and targeted protein degradation technologies.
Accessories for Milli-Q® Lab Water Purification Systems
Find water system accessories from Milli-Q® that can support your lab’s specific needs and requirements. The right choice can free bench space, assure water quality, and improve lab safety and productivity.
FLAG Purification
Expression vectors, affinity resins, and antibodies for expressing, purifying, and detecting FLAG® tagged fusion proteins.
Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis
Learn the basics of DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis, and how these techniques can be used to separate and purify DNA and RNA molecules based on size and charge for cloning, PCR, mass spectrometry, next generation sequencing (NGS), and Northern
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