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Milli-Q® IX Pure Lab Water System
Type 2 pure water from tap. Milli-Q® IX systems are compact, offers 4 flow rates, 3 tank sizes, and quality monitoring directly on the dispenser’s touchscreen interface.
Water for Histology Staining
Reliable histology staining requires consistent quality pure water. See examples of GMS and H&E stains performed with various water contaminants and comparing tap vs Type 2 water.
Ultrapure Water to Assess Toxic Elements in Environmental Analyses
See the data showing how Milli-Q® ultrapure water meets the stringent purity requirements for reliable trace element analyses of environmental samples.
Ultrapure Water to Assess Trace Element Impurities in Pharmaceuticals
Elemental impurities in pharmaceutical products must be monitored and controlled at all stages of development and production. Ultrapure water produced by a Milli-Q® water system is recommended for ICP-MS and ICP-OES trace element analyses.
Ultrapure Water to Assess Elemental Impurities per USP
Elemental impurities in pharmaceutical drugs present a risk to human health and are regulated. Milli-Q® ultrapure water purification systems comply with the requirements for trace element analyses.
Water for Clinical Chemistry
Water for Clinical Chemistry
Water for pH Measurement and Buffer Preparation
Learn how water impurities can affect pH. Water quality defined as pure water or Type 2 water is recommended to prepare buffer solutions or measure pH.
Optimal Water Purification for Silica Sensitive Applications
Compare RO vs. EDI vs. ion exchange resins to remove silica from water for silica-sensitive applications (e.g. microelectronics, testing chambers, autoclaves, sterilizers, …).
Water for Microbiology Media Preparation
Discover the importance of water quality in microbiology and its impact on reliable and reproducible results in culture media preparation. Learn about the EN ISO 11133 standard, lab water solutions, and purification technologies recommended for microbiological testing.
Ultrapure Water for Perchlorate Analysis of Environmental Samples
Assure perchlorate-free water from tap water for sensitive IC analyses. See the removal efficiencies achieved by water purification technologies in Milli-Q® systems.
LC-MS Analysis of Hormones in Tap Water
Milli-Q® ultrapure water systems deliver water free of organic contaminants , including hormones present in a lab's tap water, making it suitable for the most sensitive LC-MS/MS analyses.
EN ISO 11133 and Water for the Preparation and Performance Testing of Microbiological Culture Media
See how two water sources compare when preparing and performance testing microbiological culture media acc. to EN ISO 11133: centrally purified water vs. water from a Milli-Q® IX system were assessed. Tests included media specific for Listeria and Salmonella pathogens.