EphA2 is a functional receptor for the growth factor progranulin.

The Journal of cell biology (2016-12-03)
Thomas Neill, Simone Buraschi, Atul Goyal, Catherine Sharpe, Elizabeth Natkanski, Liliana Schaefer, Andrea Morrione, Renato V Iozzo

Although the growth factor progranulin was discovered more than two decades ago, the functional receptor remains elusive. Here, we discovered that EphA2, a member of the large family of Ephrin receptor tyrosine kinases, is a functional signaling receptor for progranulin. Recombinant progranulin bound with high affinity to EphA2 in both solid phase and solution. Interaction of progranulin with EphA2 caused prolonged activation of the receptor, downstream stimulation of mitogen-activated protein kinase and Akt, and promotion of capillary morphogenesis. Furthermore, we found an autoregulatory mechanism of progranulin whereby a feed-forward loop occurred in an EphA2-dependent manner that was independent of the endocytic receptor sortilin. The discovery of a functional signaling receptor for progranulin offers a new avenue for understanding the underlying mode of action of progranulin in cancer progression, tumor angiogenesis, and perhaps neurodegenerative diseases.

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Anti-Phosphotyrosine Antibody, clone PY20, clone PY20, Upstate®, from mouse
Anti-Eck/EphA2 Antibody, clone D7, clone D7, Upstate®, from mouse