• Neurogenic chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction: antineuronal antibody-mediated activation of autophagy via Fas.

Neurogenic chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction: antineuronal antibody-mediated activation of autophagy via Fas.

Gastroenterology (2008-06-28)
Roberto de Giorgio, Umberto Volta, Vincenzo Stanghellini, Rosanna F Cogliandro, Giovanni Barbara, Roberto Corinaldesi, Roberto Towns, Chunfang Guo, Shuangsong Hong, John W Wiley

Activation of autoimmune pathways has been implicated as a contributing mechanism to the pathophysiology in some patients with chronic intestinal pseudoobstruction (CIP). In this study we tested the hypothesis that sera from a subpopulation of patients with CIP contain autoantibodies that activate autophagy via a Fas-dependent pathway in cultured human neuroblastoma SH-Sy5Y cells. Twenty-five patients with established neurogenic CIP (20 women, 5 men; age range, 21-57 y) were investigated and circulating antineuronal antibodies to enteric neurons were found in 6 (24%) patients. The ability of antineuronal antibodies to induce autophagy was assessed using immunohistochemical, Western immunoblot, and molecular techniques. The presence of autophagosomes was monitored using a specific immunohistochemical marker, anti-microtubule-associated light chain immunoreactivity, and colocalization with mitochondrial- and Fas-activated death domain immunofluorescence using appropriate antibodies in cells exposed to sera from matched healthy controls and patients with neurogenic CIP. Exposure of SH-Sy5Y cells to sera from patients with CIP containing antineuronal antibodies revealed increased binding of autoimmune immunoglobulin (IgG class) to the surface of SH-Sy5Y cells and increased formation of autophagosomes showing colocalization with mitochondria and Fas-activated death domain compared with control sera. Pretreatment of sera with either protein L agarose beads or a soluble Fas receptor (extracellular domain) chimera prevented the stimulation of autophagy. We provide novel evidence that antineuronal antibodies may contribute to neuronal dysfunction observed in a subset of patients with neurogenic CIP via autoantibody-mediated activation of autophagy involving the Fas receptor complex.

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Protein L–Agarose from Peptostreptococcus magnus, recombinant, expressed in E. coli