The genotype-phenotype landscape of an allosteric protein.

Molecular systems biology (2021-03-31)
Drew S Tack, Peter D Tonner, Abe Pressman, Nathan D Olson, Sasha F Levy, Eugenia F Romantseva, Nina Alperovich, Olga Vasilyeva, David Ross

Allostery is a fundamental biophysical mechanism that underlies cellular sensing, signaling, and metabolism. Yet a quantitative understanding of allosteric genotype-phenotype relationships remains elusive. Here, we report the large-scale measurement of the genotype-phenotype landscape for an allosteric protein: the lac repressor from Escherichia coli, LacI. Using a method that combines long-read and short-read DNA sequencing, we quantitatively measure the dose-response curves for nearly 105 variants of the LacI genetic sensor. The resulting data provide a quantitative map of the effect of amino acid substitutions on LacI allostery and reveal systematic sequence-structure-function relationships. We find that in many cases, allosteric phenotypes can be quantitatively predicted with additive or neural-network models, but unpredictable changes also occur. For example, we were surprised to discover a new band-stop phenotype that challenges conventional models of allostery and that emerges from combinations of nearly silent amino acid substitutions.

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