• Self-assembly of X-shaped antibody to combine the activity of IgG and IgA for enhanced tumor killing.

Self-assembly of X-shaped antibody to combine the activity of IgG and IgA for enhanced tumor killing.

Theranostics (2022-12-02)
Yuexia Liang, Xin Li, Fengping Peng, Xiaohan Ye, Wei Wang, Tianyi Cen, Fan Li, Yue Lu, Zhaoyun Liu, Hui Liu, Kai Ding, Kai Ye, Yang Yu, Tianyu Ma, Sihe Zhang, Yi Huang, Yuan Wang, Xue Yang, Rong Fu, Hongkai Zhang

Rationale: IgA can induce activation of neutrophils which are the most abundant cell type in blood, but the development of IgA as therapeutic has been confounded by its short half-life and a weak ability to recruit NK cells as effector cells. Therefore, we generated an X-shaped antibody (X-body) based on the principle of molecular self-assembly that combines the activities of both IgG and IgA, which can effectively recruit and activate NK cells, macrophages, and neutrophils to kill tumor cells. Methods: X-body was generated by using a self-assembly strategy. The affinity of the X-body with the antigen and Fc receptors was tested by surface plasmon resonance. The shape of X-body was examined using negative staining transmission electron microscopy. The tumor cell killing activity of X-body was assessed in vitro and in multiple syngeneic mouse models. To explore the mechanism of X-body, tumor-infiltrating immune cells were analyzed by single-cell RNA-seq and flow cytometry. The dependence of neutrophil, macrophage, and NK cells for the X-body efficacy was confirmed by in vivo depletion of immune cell subsets. Results: The X-body versions of rituximab and trastuzumab combined the full spectrum activity of IgG and IgA and recruited NK cells, macrophages, and neutrophils as effector cells for eradication of tumor cells. Treatment with anti-hCD20 and anti-hHER2 X-bodies leads to a greater reduction in tumor burden in tumor-bearing mice compared with the IgA or IgG counterpart, and no obvious adverse effect is observed upon X-body treatment. Moreover, the X-body has a serum half-life and drug stability comparable to IgG. Conclusions: The X-body, as a myeloid-cell-centered therapeutic strategy, holds promise for the development of more effective cancer-targeting therapies than the current state of the art.

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MB49 Mouse Bladder Carcinoma Cell Line, MB49 mouse urothelial carcinoma cell line is widely used as an in vitro and in vivo model of bladder cancer.