• Preparation and in vitro evaluation of plasma-sprayed Mg(2)SiO(4) coating on titanium alloy.

Preparation and in vitro evaluation of plasma-sprayed Mg(2)SiO(4) coating on titanium alloy.

Acta biomaterialia (2009-04-14)
Youtao Xie, Wanyin Zhai, Lei Chen, Jiang Chang, Xuebin Zheng, Chuanxian Ding

In this paper, chemically synthesized Mg(2)SiO(4) (MS) powder was plasma-sprayed onto a titanium alloy substrate to evaluate its application potentials in biomedicine. The phase composition and surface morphology of the MS coating were analyzed. Results showed that the MS coating was composed mainly of Mg(2)SiO(4) phase, with a small amount of MgO and glass phases. Mechanical testing showed that the coating exhibited good adhesion strength to the substrate due to the close thermal expansion coefficient between the MS ceramic and the titanium alloy substrate. The measured bonding strength was as high as 41.5+/-5.3MPa, which is much higher than the traditional HA coating. In vitro cytocompatibility evaluation of the MS coating was performed using canine bone marrow stem cells (MSCs). The MSCs exhibited good adhesion, proliferation and differentiation behavior on the MS coating surface, which can be explained by the high protein adsorption capability of the MS coating, as well as the stimulatory effects of Mg and Si ions released from the coating. The proliferation rate of the MSCs on MS coating was very close to that on the hydroxylapatite (HA) coating. Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity analysis demonstrated that the ALP level of the MSCs on the MS coating remained high even after 21days, implying that the surface characteristics of the coating are beneficial for the differentiation of MSCs. In summary, our results suggest that MS coating might be a new approach to prepare bone implants.

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