[Redergin treatment of hypertensive menopausal women].

Terapevticheskii arkhiv (2001-03-29)
E V Iarnykh, S I Chikovani, S E Ustinova, V P Masenko

To assess a hypotensive effect of redergin (dihydroergotoxin)--agonist of dopaminergic receptors--in monotherapy (4.5-6 mg/day) and in combination with enalapril and amlodipin (10 mg/day). Redergin in monotherapy or combined therapy was given to 106 hypertensive women in pre- or postmenopause and 24 hypertensive women of reproductive age. Antihypertensive effect was assessed by changes in arterial pressure, frequency and severity of hypertensive crises, diuresis, clinical symptoms of menopausal syndrome. A significant fall in arterial pressure, intensive diuresis, less frequent or absent hypertensive crises, relief of menopausal symptoms were observed on day 10-14 of redergin monotherapy of menopausal patients with mild hypertension and in combined treatment of menopausal women with moderate and severe hypertension. Antihypertensive and diuretic effect of redergin confirm a pathogenetic role of deficient dopaminergic activity in development of menopausal hypertension.

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Codergocrine mesilate, European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Reference Standard