Sealed with an M

New Solvent Bottle with Advanced Sealing Technology

M-Bottle for Safe Handling of Solvents

As a global leader in lab reagents, we are experienced in the proper way to store solvents and are constantly looking for new ways to optimize the safety of our products. That is why we developed the M-bottle. The innovative 4L solvent bottle design features advanced sealing technology that eliminates leaks to make the handling of solvents safer and more convenient than ever before.

The 4L M-Bottle packaging is available for high-purity solvents for analytical chemistry applications, including:

  • HPLC solvents and liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry (LC-MS) grade solvents
  • Supelco® solvents for instrumental analysis
  • Biotech solvents for biological applications
  • Sigma-Aldrich® ACS & Reagent grade solvents
  • BioRenewable solvents for lab sustainability

The New M-Bottle in Detail

A. Innovative sealing technology
effectively prevents leaks

B. Additional headspace
for greater safety with solvents that have higher vapor pressure at ambient temperatures 

M-Bottle detail image

C. New neck design
captures tamper-evident ring

D. Extra finger clearance
for easier, safer pouring

E. Optimized shape
fits all standard bottle carriers and storage spaces


Superior Solvent Safety:

  • Advanced sealing technology eliminates leaks
  • Additional headspace ensures safety with high-vapor-pressure solvents
  • Thicker glass reduces breakage risk

Easy Solvent Handling:

  • New cap with larger ribs for easier removal and closure
  • Redesigned pouring ring facilitates solvent dispensing and safe handling of solvents
  • Additional finger clearance on the handle enables safer pouring

Added Convenience:

  • Markings on the bottle shoulder indicate a 4L nominal volume
  • Designed to fit standard storage space and solvent bottle carrier

Maximum Certainty:

  • New neck design with a tamper-evident ring
  • Ring remains on the bottle after opening, indicating tampering

Greater Sustainability:

  • Upcoming PE-coated M-Bottle offers additional environmental benefits
  • Supports lab sustainability goals

Discover the M-Bottle, an innovative solution for solvent safety and more convenient handling of solvents.

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