STRENGTH. Where you need it most!

Superior leak resistance with Ultimus® Film. Now available in Mobius® single-use assemblies.

An Innovative Single-use Bioprocessing Film Offering Strength and Leak Resistance for Your Toughest Liquid Bioprocessing Applications

Ultimus® Film was designed for your more challenging single-use bioprocessing liquid applications. Incorporating woven nylon into the new film has increased its durability while maintaining the ease of handling, flexibility, and conformity to a bioprocess container that single-use bioprocessing demands. The inert fluid contact layer promotes healthy cell growth and is free of animal-origin components and Irgafos® 168

Ultimus® film is available in Mobius® 3D bag assemblies providing a stronger, more durable solution to solve your single-use bioprocess manufacturing challenges

The average leak cost in single-use manufacturing can range from $50-75K for (A) Buffer & media mixing & storage, up to $375K for (B) Intermediate mixing and storage, up to $415K for (C) Bioreactors and up to $560K for (D) Transport and shipping of bulk drug substance. Data is based on an independent survey conducted in 2019 worldwide.

Ultimus® Film is Engineered to Protect against Leaks

Ultimus® Film is available in Mobius® 3D single-use bioprocess bags providing a stronger, more durable solution for your single-use manufacturing challenges.

  • Prevent material loss
  • Reduce assembly leak rate
  • Limit inspection failures
  • Minimize safety stock
  • Reduce facility downtime

Learn more on what a stronger film can do for your single-use processes.

Our Ultimus® film technology provides enhanced bioprocess bag strength, improved durability and leak resistance through a novel strength layer reinforced by woven nylon

Ultimus® film has extreme durability for superior strength and leak resistance

An Innovative Single-use Film Design

  • A leak resistant outer layer
  • An enhanced gas permeable layer
  • A woven nylon strength layer for superior robustness and durability.
  • A clean fluid contact layer to assure cell growth 

Read the full specification sheet.

Robust Performance of Ultimus® Film Strength. Where you need it most!

  • Woven nylon structure provides reinforced strength
  • 10X* Extreme Abrasion Resistance
  • 2.8X* Tensile Strength
  • 2X* Reinforced Puncture Resistance
  • Superior* Flex Durability
  • ISTA 3E Transport Test Verified**
  • Irgafos® 168 free
  • Comprehensive Extractables Data

* Based on the average results of the five commercially available single-use bioprocessing films tested. Refer to TB5661EN Demonstrated Strength and Durability of Ultimus® Film Tech Brief for more information.

** ISTA 3E Transport Test Verified using Mobius® 500 L Container with Ultimus® Film in 500 L Stainless Steel Transport Bin

Read the full technical brief.

Transform Single-Use Fluid Management – The Science and People Behind Ultimus® Film

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