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Upstream platforms for both AAV and Lentivirus vector production simplify decision-making, allowing you to confidently transition swiftly from process development to larger scale GMP Production. The following upstream platforms offered are:

  • VirusExpress® Lentiviral Platform for Lentiviral Vector-Based Cell Therapies
  • VirusExpress ® AAV Platform for HEK293 Cells Based  Gene Therapies
  • SF-RVN® Platform for Insect Cell Based Gene Therapies

In addition, multiple strains of Human Embryo Kidney (HEK)293 cell lines are frequently employed in AAV production, each with distinct preferences. To expedite process refinement, our new cell culture medium, Cellvento® 4HEK Medium has been created, fostering robust cell growth and virus production across various HEK293 strains. 

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For more information on any of our Viral Vector Upstream Platforms, or our chemically defined, animal component-free Cellvento® 4HEK Medium, please complete the webform below and a technical expert will be in touch with you soon.

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