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USP <921>: Methods for Moisture Determination and Karl Fischer Titration


What Does it Cover?

Many Pharmacopeia materials contain water as hydrates or in adsorbed form. Therefore the determination of the water content is important to maintaining compliance with the Pharmacopeia guidelines. Generally one of the three methods are given in the monographs, Method I (Titrimetric), Method II (Azeotropic), or Method III (Gravimetric). This poster will discuss the application of these methods to moisture determinations focusing on Karl Fischer techniques.

What Will You Learn?

  • Method I Titrimetric (Karl Fischer)
  • Method II Azeotropic (distillation)
  • Method III Gravimetric (loss on drying)

Who Should Attend?

Pharmaceutical customers performing Moisture Determination According to USP <921>


Bruce Herzig

Bruce Herzig

Senior Application Specialist

Bruce is the Application Scientist for Karl Fischer titration within the instrumental Analytics team. With more than 11 years’ experience in QC and Product Development business, he is very familiar with the different aspects in Karl Fischer Titration and works closely together with our application laboratories to support method development and expand application support for our customers. Prior to this, he was and Analytical Chemist and Research Chemist in the chemical industry. Bruce has a BS in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati.

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