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CellPrime® rLR3 IGF-1 Optimizing Cell Culture Productivity


CellPrime® rLR3 IGF is used to optimize cell culture formulations to increase cell proliferation, productivity, and viability. With an exact match for the Type I IGF receptor and a lower affinity for IGF binding proteins, CellPrime® rLR3 IGF has increased effectiveness in serum-free cell culture media.

We will focus on how CellPrime® rLR3 behaves in cell culture media and provide details on how supplementing media with Cellprime® rLR3 IGF-I alone, or in combination with insulin, can speed growth as well as increase viable cell density and protein production.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • CellPrime® LR3 physiological response in cells
  • How CellPrime® LR3 can enhance cell proliferation, viability, and production
  • How to optimize media formulations using CellPrime® LR3


Dennis Binder

Dennis Binder


Head of QC Cell Culture Media

Dennis Binder is head of quality control for cell culture media at MilliporeSigma.

He holds a master's degree in biochemistry from Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. His early research was mainly conducted at the Research Center Jülich and focused on biotechnological expression systems.

In 2017, after receiving his Ph.D., Dennis joined MilliporeSigma, working in cell culture media R&D on new cell culture media materials and formulation technologies. Since 2019, he has been heading the quality control for cell culture media with a key focus on testing cell culture media for release and different upstream chemicals for applicability in cell culture.

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